How Much Is Lawn Care per Month?


According to the National Association of Landscape Professionals, more than four in five Americans have a lawn. Even though some think lawns wastewater, many homeowners still want to have a lawn. If you’re looking at a home with a lawn, though, you have to start at the basics: how much is lawn care per month? If your monthly rent or mortgage payments have already strained your budget, can you really afford to add the expense of caring for a lawn?

Mowing the lawn

Then again, summer barbecues and water gun fights do have an allure all their own. A lawn provides a platform for all kinds of fun.We’ll look at lawn care costs and fees in this article. If you’re trying to get to grips with lawn care, keep reading.

How Much Is Lawn Care Per Month and Why?

While you might think lawn care fees hover at around $100 or so, a lot of things can drive those costs up or down. Everything from lawn size to the weather plays a role in how much green you transfer from your wallet to your lawn. We’ll look at some of the biggest impacts on your base lawn care costs in this section.

Lawn Size

The size of your lawn will drive up the cost. This doesn’t always follow directly from how many square feet it is, though. A lawn that takes up 1/4th of an acre might cost half as much as a full acre of lawn.

Amazing lawn

Types of Work

If you have a flower bed built into your lawn or a tree that needs care, your costs will rise. The more complex your lawn is, the more work you or your lawn care professionals need to do.

Lawn Care Service

Getting professional lawn care costs about $50 per visit, though a large lawn can climb up to double that and a small lawn might be closer to $30. Most people with lawns choose between one and four visits per month, leading to a typical cost per month of $200 or less. Special tasks beyond basic lawn mowing and incidental removal of leaves can add to that cost. Lawn aeration, for example, strengthens a lawn but costs about $150. Weed care can run between $60 and $150 depending on whether you need a simple spray or a lot of hand-weeding. Some seasonal costs come into play as well. Extensive leaf removal can be a one-time $350 or so, and a similar spring clean-up comes at a similar cost. For more examples of lawn care tips and costs, take a look at this website for a lawn care provider.

More Than Curb Appeal

A lawn does more than just keep your home aesthetically pleasing. It can drive your property values up, provide a space for fun memories, and make for an interesting project in its own right. To take good care of it, you need to know: just how much is lawn care per month? Did this leave you looking for ways to shift around your home maintenance budget? Try taking a look at some of our other home improvement articles.


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