How Do You Make a Bobblehead of yourself?


People collect bobbleheads for apparent reasons. It can be a passion or small memories of anything that brings us delight function as bobblehead figurines. The nostalgic value we feel for most bobbleheads is justified. In some way, the bobbleheads are a part of the sentimental value of people, each one referring to beloved memories and wishes.

How Do You Make a Bobblehead of yourself

What is a Bobblehead?

A bobblehead is a miniature doll with a disproportionately large head. The earliest bobbleheads were made of ceramic, but now bobbleheads are also available in plastic. The first bobblehead was created in Germany, whether it originated from the string dolls in Japan or China. The bobblehead was initially manufactured in the late 1700s and early 1800s. You can get rid of boring gifts with exciting bobbleheads, including sentiments. If you give someone a customized bobblehead, they will never forget your wonderful and memorable present. You can order bobbleheads online right now for your special one and yourself, considering any occasion. You just have to give your photo, and the makers will deliver your customized bobblehead in a few days. Yes, it’s that much easier. Have you thought of how makers make a custom bobblehead? Here are some details that you might be interested in.

Some Materials That was Used

  • White polymer clay
  • Acrylic paints
  • Artist’s paint brushes
  • 20-gauge wire
  • 24-gauge wire
  • Aluminum foil
  • Epoxy glue

Some Tools That was Used

  • Wooden base
  • Oven
  • Pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Photos of person to be sculpted
  • Drill

How Do You Make a Bobblehead of yourself - stick

Examine the photographs and identify the exceptional features of customers.

Making the lower body

Bend a wire into a “U” shape with pliers for the feet, legs, and hips. Then wrap aluminum foil around the body wire. Take some soft and flexible polymer clay around the aluminum foil. Blend it with your fingers.


Drill two small holes into a wooden foundation and insert foot wires to keep the figure in place.

Making the upper body

Take another wire for shaping the shoulder, torso, neck with clay. For sculpting the shoes, take two balls of clay, make little shoes, and put the lower body wire to shoes. After that, glue the feet into the drilled holes in the wooden foundation. Make clay arms and hands and connect them to the shoulders.

Making the head

Make an oversized head out of clay. Sculpt the face features, hair, and ears as shown in the photographs.


Use a craft knife and a needle tool to make clothes.

Baking and painting

Bake the head and body for one hour at 250°F, then paint it with acrylic paints.

Connect the head and body

Take a twisted spring and drill the head and body to place the spring. After attaching the body and head, the procedure will be finished with a final touch. Customers can also order it without a twisted spring as per their requirements. They can add some accessories and other essentials as they are ordering bobbleheads.

How Do You Make a Bobblehead of yourself - head

Different Types of Bobbleheads

Let’s look at some of the many varieties of bobbleheads. We all know and cherish the standard one is the customized bobbleheads. Then comes standard body bobbleheads, which are also popular among bobbleheads collectors. You can find your favorite movie characters like Marvel heroes or others in this category. In the sports category, a customer can find his favorite sportsman bobbleheads. With these most popular categories, there are also other categories like office bobblehead, wedding bobblehead, graduation bobblehead, couple bobblehead, kids bobblehead, pets bobblehead, etc.

A Customized Bobblehead

Personalized bobbleheads are suitable for any occasion such as a wedding, graduation ceremony, community gathering, etc. People can order a customized bobblehead with some simple process.

  • Provide one or two photos to make a customized bobblehead.
  • Choose a body type to use for your bobblehead. There are many options for body types such as Men, Women, Couples, etc.
  • Select eye, skin, and hair color to get a perfect bobblehead.
  • Pick the size of bobbleheads. The standard size is 6.5-7.7 inches. But customers can order any sizes they prefer.
  • Customers can also choose the clothes and accessories according to the occasion and situation.

Nearly 3 to 7 workdays are needed for making a customized bobblehead. But it depends on the making process of the bobbleheads.

Standard Body Bobbleheads

Standard body custom bobbleheads simply require the buyer to select a body model, and then makers can create a flawless model for him. This bobblehead style is typically utilized for athletes or bodybuilders.

Standard body bobbleheads can be:

  • A superman standard body bobblehead
  • A bodybuilder standard body bobblehead
  • A running athlete standard body bobblehead
  • Football Player standard body bobblehead

People also make bobbleheads from different characters in movies or cartoons. Some bobbleheads are also available that are shaped according to famous persons worldwide.

A Bobblehead Cost

There must be a question raising how much it costs to make a bobblehead? Well, for a bobblehead admirer, the price isn’t a matter of concern. Usually, it costs between $50 – $100 per figure. The cost obviously depends on customer requirements. You can also order multiple figures at a single piece; in that case, the price will vary higher. There are various design options for multiple bobbleheads. And the cost can be $150 to $600 or higher. But, sometimes the price can be less due to discounts and coupons.

The reasons behind the popularity of bobbleheads

Bobbleheads are not only collectible for bobbleheads collectors. It is also enjoyable for everyone. It’s the finest choice as a gift to give. Their realistic representation of a person makes the person joyful. The most promising part of a bobblehead is that it preserves memories. And this is why people love to have a bobblehead, and the popularity of bobbleheads is getting high day by day.

Cherish your lost memories with bobbleheads

Bobbleheads are not only funny and enjoyable, but it also keeps people’s memories and sentiments. Some things are superior to ordinary images, and one of these is a personalized bobblehead. You can store your family, friends, and any special event as a memory into bobbleheads. But always remember, take a nice photograph before ordering your bobblehead.


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