How Can You Shape a Cowboy Hat?


The cowboy hats are one of the most trending fashion accessories in 2022. Many people are purchasing cowboy hats to showcase their appearance and stand apart from the crowd. If you’re planning to purchase cowboy hats, you will undoubtedly love their design and durability.

How Can You Shape a Cowboy Hat

If you’ve decided to purchase and wear cowboy hats with your formal and informal outfits for practical or aesthetic reasons, you need to pay close attention while shaping the brim of the cowboy hats. The shaping method you are going to implement on the cowboy hats is primarily dependent on the material you choose. While some cowboy hats come with a wired brim, that can easily be styled and shaped, other types require more time and effort. Felt cowboy hats need to be steamed to become malleable, whereas the leaf cowboy hats can be soaked and shaped. Here are some effective ways to shape your cowboy hats.

Shaping Felt Cowboy Hats

First, we will discuss the shaping method of the felt cowboy hats. Make sure you pay close attention to each step as mistakes will ruin the appearance and lifespan of your cowboy hats.

Decide the Proper Brim Shape You Want 

Nowadays, most manufacturers use flat brims to create felt cowboy hats. This will provide you with countless options to shape the cowboy hats as per your style and preferences. However, you need to consider your aesthetic while shaping the brim of the western hats. You also need to consider the shape of your face. The narrower your face shape is, the higher you need to bend the brim of your cowboy hat. On the other hand, you should not bend the edges far if you have a narrow face.

Shape the Brim as Per the Event 

If you’re a true cowboy and you’re planning to participate in competitive riding events, you need to consider the theme of the specific event while shaping your cowboy hats. Riders in showmanship and horsemanship should always go with cowboy hats that come with a brim curled up on both sides of the hat. Additionally, you also need to ensure that the brim doesn’t have any downward dip at the front it will block your vision. These specific types of competitions don’t have strict rules regarding hat shape. This is why many competitors choose flat-brimmed cowboy hats.

Check for the Shaping Wire 

If the brim of your cowboy hat has a wire sewn in the edge, it’s made of lightweight and inexpensive wool felt. These types of cowboy hats should not be shaped using steam. If you use steam, it will cause catastrophic damage to the brim as well as the interior structure of the cowboy hats. Instead, you need to shape the wire manually so that the brim can hold the desired shape. Not to mention, applying steam to your wool-felt cowboy hats will create an uneven appearance.

How Can You Shape a Cowboy Hat - cowboy hat

Boil Water 

Use a kettle or a large pot that comes with an open spout. While you’re boiling the water, use a pair of kitchen gloves as well as kitchen tongs. Keep in mind that during the shaping process, the brim of your western hat will become a super hat. If you don’t use kitchen gloves, it might burn your finger. As per Daymark Safety, rubber gloves can protect your hand from burning. You should never underestimate the importance of safety while shaping your hat. Small mistakes can prove fatal for both you and your western hats.

Hold the Brim of the Western Hats Carefully Over the Steam 

Consider choosing a specific section of the brim of the western hats to start your shaping process. After that, hold that specific part over the steam until the hit softens the brim. This specific section of the brim is now ready to be shaped. While shaping your western hats, don’t apply too much pressure. Consider working with one section at a time to achieve the best results. Make sure you’re steaming the brim from the crown side of the western hats. If you start applying steam from the inside of the western hats, you might permanently damage the sweatband of the cowboy hats. The moisture and heat will also cause it to shrink and distort. If you damage the interior of the western hat’s brim, you need to visit a professional hat maker who will replace the sweatband.

Shape the Steamed Area of the Brim 

When you’re applying steam to the brim of your cowboy hats, you need to bend the steamed portion of the brim gently to achieve the desired shape. If you think that applying too much pressure will help you complete the process quickly, you’re wrong. To achieve a gentle roll, you need to use the upper side of your thumb on the bottom of the brim to curl it properly with pressure. For a greater fold, you need to press the brim against your stomach. Make sure you use vinyl or latex gloves while shaping the brim of your cowboy hats so that you can avoid damaging the brim with your oily hands.

Make Sure the Steamed and Shaped Portion Is Cooled Properly 

Before you start wearing your cowboy hats again, you need to ensure that it’s ready for reuse. After the steaming process is done, let the steamed portion of your hat cool. This way it will be set in the proper position. If you have on to the other hands of the brim without cooling the steamed part, you might distort the part of the western hats that you’ve already shaped.

Steam the Next Section of the Brim 

After the steamed portion of your western hat’s brim is cooled and positioned properly, you need to repeat the same process to shape the other portion of your brim. Make sure each section of the brim is positioned before you move on to the other position of the brim.

Place the Hat Firmly On Your Head 

After you’re done completing the steaming and shaping process of the brim, wear the hats properly on your head. Make sure you pay close attention to the design of the brim as well as the comfort of the hat. Additionally, this will also help the interior of the western hat adjust to the shape of your head.


These are some steps you need to follow while shaping your cowboy hats. Make sure you completer each step carefully. Otherwise, you will end up damaging your hat. If you need new cowboy hats, consider contacting us.


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