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If your garage door is in need of repair or replacement, you may be wondering if it’s time to fix it or replace it. There is a time and a place for everything, including repairs and replacements. To assist you make the ultimate selection about whether to repair or replace your current garage door, there are several things to consider.

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This informative article can help you decide if replacement or repair is the best option for you.

How Often You Should Replace a Garage Door

A well-maintained garage door should last a long time. A garage door’s general lifespan is several decades. However, just a few things can induce you to choose a new garage door rather than attempting repairs, such as simple aging and wood decay. If any of the following indicators are present, it might be time for a garage door replacement:

1. It does not include features that would make it safe for children to use

Garage doors that are no longer in use do not have the same level of protection as garage doors currently available. The inclusion of safety sensors in modern garage doors helps to prevent serious harm and possible property damage if a pet, child, or object under the door is detected. This prevents significant injuries and may even save money on repairs by keeping pets, children, and objects out of your home. While aftermarket add-ons are available for older garage doors, they aren’t necessarily the most cost-effective option.

2. The door is very old

A garage door may grow old far more quickly than you think. A lovely garage door adds value to any property and gives curb appeal. While painting may appear to be a good idea, a new garage door might provide much more. Garage doors are now more modern and visually attractive, as well as being more secure than their predecessors. This makes it simple to decide whether or not to repaint vs. replace your garage door. Regardless on what you decide, you can always contact the experts at Garage Door Repair Schaumburg IL for professional assistance.

3. There Is Weather Damage

Garage doors are subject to a lot of wear and tear, especially when they are exposed to the elements on a regular basis, such as wind, rain, snow, and even sunshine UV radiation. If your garage door has significant weather damage including rusting, warping, or discoloration, it’s time for a new one. Over time, dirt, leaves, and other debris may get trapped in the garage door’s tracks causing friction and track misalignment problems.

4. Energy Costs Are Increasing

Many people don’t think about it, but your garage door has a huge impact on your utility bills. If you’re seeing a recent spike, it might be time to replace that old door with something more energy-efficient. Newer doors are made with insulation and materials that better protect against heat loss (and thus reduce how much you spend on heating and cooling). Not only will this save you money, but it will also increase the value of your home!

5. The wood is old and decaying

In humid areas, wooden garage doors may warp. If your garage door is warped and rotted, it’s time to replace it with a new one. Garage doors manufactured from more durable and weather-resistant materials than their predecessors.

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When to Repair a Garage Door

Although it may be costly, replacing your garage door is not always necessary. If you have a minor issue, some quick repairs can suffice and save you money in the long run. To learn more about what common garage door issues can be fixed through repair, read on.

1. The Garage Door Is Sagging

Sagging garage doors are usually the result of an issue with the balance. They operate on balanced springs that help hold them up, and when it’s off, it puts extra strain on the lifting mechanism. With time, this can lead to broken or frayed springs and a sagging door—but thankfully, this is something that an experienced technician can help fix.

2. It Suddenly Breaks Down

The good news is that a garage door’s failure is generally easy to fix. It might just be as simple as changing batteries in the remote. If that does not seem to be the problem, dealing with an expert will always be a smart idea. When it comes to getting an issue resolved promptly and correctly, they can troubleshoot it considerably faster than you could yourself.

3. Your Budget Doesn’t Offer the Flexibility to Buy a Replacement

The cost to repair your garage door is much cheaper than buying a new one outright, but the final number will depend on details such as the door type and size, how much damage there is, and which company you choose. If you’re experiencing problems with your garage door but can’t afford to replace it yet, repairs are definitely worth considering. A qualified technician will help you decide if fixing it meets your budget best.

If you are unsure whether your garage door needs to be repaired or replaced, a professional team can inspect your door to help you make the final decision.


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