Find Out How to Save Money on Pellet Stove Repairs by Buying Parts Separately


A pellet stove is a freestanding, energy-efficient source of heat that burns cleaner and produces much less ash than a traditional wood stove. It also costs less than a conventional fireplace, and it’s much easier to maintain. Even a budget model pellet stove will last at least a decade if properly installed and maintained. Perhaps this accounts for their newfound popularity across America. Many die-hard pellet stove owner’s claim the pellet stove will last as long as you can find parts for it.

Find Out How to Save Money on Pellet Stove Repairs by Buying Parts Separately

The key is understanding how the pellet stove works and how to find pellet stove parts for less. If you already know what you’re looking for, you can visit the site here. Otherwise, let’s explore the inner workings of a pellet stove and which parts may commonly need to be replaced.

How a Pellet Stove Works

Owning a pellet stove is like enjoying the best of both worlds. They look super traditional, but they work like more modern equipment. One thing that makes a pellet stove unique is a thermostat. The thermostat controls the temperature by controlling the number of pellets released into the firebox. Setting the thermostat tells the auger screw how many pellets to release to maintain that specific temperature in the room. The hopper holds the shells until they are released into the firebox. There are also two fans inside the pellet stove, which help maintain the temperature and keep the fires burning. They are called the blower and heat exchanger, respectively.

Find Out How to Save Money on Pellet Stove Repairs by Buying Parts Separately - pellet stove

Finding Pellet Stove Parts for Less

Just like anything else, you’ll need to replace some parts on your pellet stove from time to time. An ignitor switch is one of the most common repairs on a pellet stove. This is a quick and easy repair if you know where to find pellet stove parts for less. Most pellet stove parts are best ordered online, especially if working within a budget. The most common parts to go out on a pellet stove include the blower, feed motor, and auger motor. Of course, the better they have maintained, the longer they will last. However, these parts are typically most affordable online. The circuit board repair is one of the pricier repairs, but that doesn’t happen often. Your professional repairman is probably getting his pellet stove parts for less online himself, even when it does.

Maintaining Your Pellet Stove

Proper maintenance is the key to a long-lasting pellet stove that works properly. When you have your pellet stove professionally installed, your technician will go over the required maintenance. Some of the maintenance will depend on the weather patterns in your geographic location, while the rest will be specific to the model you purchased. As you enjoy your new pellet stove and get to know more about it, you’ll find that it works better with high-quality pellets. They burn cleaner and smoother, offering more temperature control because they don’t absorb as much moisture as their cheaper counterparts. You’ll find that these pellets are more affordable online. As you learn more about how your pellet stove works, you’ll also find you can save money buying pellet stove parts for less online. Be sure to have your brand, make, and model number handy when shopping to ensure you get exactly what you need for your specific stove.


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