Expert Tips for Choosing the Right Wood Finish


Wood finishing is essential for all wooden furniture in your home. This specifically applies to the parts of your house that are exposed to environmental elements like brutal weather conditions. Your doors, windows, floors, and the house’s exterior are usually subjected to wear and tear. For this reason, they will require finishing or refinishing on a regular basis.

Expert Tips for Choosing the Right Wood Finish

Keep reading for expert tips on choosing the right wood finish for your furniture.

Varnish Finish

Varnish is one of the most popular and commonly used wood finishes because it is tough, durable, and will protect the furniture. You will find various types of varnish on the market, whether colored or transparent. The ingredients that are used to make varnish include resin, oil, and solvent. You can use varnish to finish your interior and exterior wooden furniture as well since it offers protection against UV rays. It is also water and heat-resistant. It is recommended that you hire someone to apply varnish to your furniture. This process is complicated and requires a certain type of skill.

Shellac Finish

Shellac is a type of natural wax that is produced by a particular species of bug. This wax is combined with alcohol to create the substance that we use to finish wood. Although shellac is easily applied and dries quickly, it isn’t water-resistant. Just like any finish, there are advantages and disadvantages to using shellac. You should first consider the pros and cons of shellac finish before you make any decision. Shellac is also durable, can protect your furniture against solvents, and effectively masks damage as well. It also comes in different colors. Additionally, you can either buy shellac and mix it with alcohol yourself, or you can buy a product that is pre-mixed.

Expert Tips for Choosing the Right Wood Finish - finishing

Wood Dye Finish

Wood dye gives you the freedom to change the color of your wooden furniture, or you can simply repaint it using the original color. Dying wood is pretty easy, and it is quite similar to dying fabric or hair so you can do it yourself. You will need a brush, a sponge, or a spray gun. Although wood dye can change the color of the wood, it doesn’t hide its grains. Wood dye is made of a colorant and a solvent like water or alcohol.

Wax Finish

Wax isn’t as popular as a varnish because it isn’t durable. However, it is a lot easier to apply, and you can do it yourself without hiring help. You will need to apply it a few times in order to get the best results. Some people prefer to apply wax after varnishing for extra protection. If you have old wood that has seen better days, you can use wax to cover its imperfections. Wax comes in different colors, and forms: sticky, liquid, and solid.

Bring your wood back to life and protect it from wear and tear by applying wood finish to your furniture. Use any of the finishes mentioned here to mask the wood’s imperfections and protect it from interior and exterior elements that can damage it. Some of the finishes mentioned here can be easily applied, and you can do them yourself. However, if you are going to use a complicated finish like varnish, then you should hire a professional to do the job for you to achieve the desired results.


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