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Have you heard of the term wrought iron? It is a type of iron with minimal carbon content (less than 0.08%) compared to cast iron (which contains between 2.1 to 4%). Increased carbon content adds to the yield point, brittleness, rusting, and tensile strength. Since the wrought variant has less of these, it is highly durable, strong, and not prone to rapid deterioration. And that is why it is the best choice for doors, railings, fences, porches, balconies, railings, lamps, and grilles.

wrought iron door with opened glass

Wrought iron doors are an increasingly common sight in homes because they offer the best aesthetics, protection, and functionality. They look solid, have beautiful designs, and have a timeless look. You must have even seen one at the entrance to a home. The best way to buy one of these doors and gates for your home is through an iron door distributor, who offers you several choices in size, design, and colors. You could even find some on sale at almost half their regular price. Before ordering one of these elegantly designed gates, here are some things worth knowing about them.

What are their benefits?

Besides aesthetics and durability, here are the advantages you should know.

Increased security

These are tough to break into, and most are equipped with heavy-duty locks. In other words, these forms of gates are more secure.


Doors made of wrought iron are also rust-resistant, lasting long without requiring maintenance. If you notice rusting, apply a coat of oil paint to act as a barrier against the corrosive elements.

Excellent insulation

Many doors also contain an insulating material between them, providing excellent insulation. They prevent heated air from entering your home during the summers, thus keeping it cool. And preserve heated air during the winters, keeping your house nice and warm.

Increases its value

Installing an iron gate at your home’s entrance increases its value while promising around 75% return on investment (ROI), a significant number if you’re looking to sell your home in the future.

wrought iron door

In which sizes are they available?

These come in various sizes, including 72*96, 37*96, 37*81, and 63*96 inches. You can calculate the required dimensions by measuring its width from the left door to the right door jamb, the total height from top to bottom, the width from the door to the jamb, and the thickness.

Which glass works best for these doors?

Sandblasted glass is a popular choice amongst buyers who prioritize privacy because it resembles frosted glass, making it difficult for someone to see you from the outside. At the same time, it allows plenty of light to pass through, brightening your room and saving you the need to switch on the lights during the daytime. Some popular glasses for these are: sandblasted, flemish, rainbow, ford blue, frost, rain, reeded, and silver reflective.

What handles work best?

While selecting a handle, you should try choosing one that draws one’s attention to the iron doors rather than distracting from them. Aesthetics should be your primary concern while choosing a handle. You ought to consider the swing or the direction from which you would pull the handle. Some options include left-hand inswing and outswing and right-hand inswing and outswing.

It would be best to consider buying wrought iron doors from a reliable distributor as they add value to your home, provide enhanced security, enhance your aesthetics, and have several advantages. They add an elegant look to your space, impressing onlookers at first glance. You also have various options for size, glass type, and style.


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