Effective Tips To Increase YouTube Engagement


YouTube promotion algorithms change all the time, but there is always one indicator that has been and will continue to be one of the main ones when ranking your videos. This is the engagement metric.

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YouTube is a social network. The more feedback videos get from viewers (likes, comments, shares), the more attractive they are in the eyes of the search engine.

What is the engagement rate on YouTube?

The potential success of a project can be measured based on the engagement metric. Engagement is a formula based on audience actions. It is one of the key performance indicators (KPIs) of influencer marketing and allows you to assess the visibility and commitment of the community to the video content and the channel as a whole.

The formula for calculating engagement on YouTube is:

YouTube engagement = (number of likes + number of comments)/number of views of the video

Social media analytics platform SocialStatus conducts research every month and publishes on its website the average YouTube engagement rate for the past month. You can use this data as a guide and compare it to your own results. As of June 2022, the average engagement rate is 0.14%.

Remember that you can always help your channel a little bit to gain more likes, views and comments by ordering them. You do not need to do it on a permanent basis, but as part of a strategy to increase engagement, yes, we can advise you to buy YouTube views, likes, and comments from real people.

How to increase engagement on YouTube

Obviously, the most powerful tool for increasing engagement is the content:

  1. The quality of the content has a direct impact on likes and comments. If the video is ill-conceived and of poor quality, both will be at a low level.
  2. The idea behind a video largely determines audience engagement. Conflicting and ambiguous topics generate discussion in the comments. Ideally, if the content is entertaining and provokes active discussions in comments and likes.

The basic rule when working with engagement is to experiment! Until you try all the ways to interact with your audience, you will not understand which of them is the most effective.

The second rule comes smoothly from the first. Be creative! Even the most controversial ideas can work. For example, the idea of interrupting in the middle of a conversation and saying “now I will shut up for 10 seconds so as not to interfere with your likes” may seem strange, but in some channels, it works perfectly.

Things are easier with comments. Unlike the likes, they are quite difficult to write. And no one will automatically leave a comment. You have to get the viewer interested. The best way to get a comment is to ask the audience’s opinion on a particular issue. Pause in the video and ask the audience about what you just told. The more context, the better. For example: “How do you feel about this new iPhone feature? Would you use it? Write about it in the comments!”.


Additional options for how you can stimulate to comment:

  • Motivate viewers with the fact that some of the comments will get into the next video (the most liked, unliked, random, etc.). This method is great for channels with a children’s audience but can sometimes work on adult channels as well.
  • Arrange a contest. This is one of the best ways to increase engagement rates. There are many variations. A standard contest for the wittiest comment. It is clear that the prize must be valuable, but not necessarily expensive. It is also important to highlight in the next videos who received a prize, for what, etc. This will add credibility to the next contests.

Let’s move on to another key aspect of engagement: Of all the metrics, video reposts are the most important. The more often users share content, the better it is.

Unfortunately, there are almost no ways to control the number of reposts:

  • quality content
  • create a community on every social network and repost new videos
  • remind people to repost, but no more (other ways look too pushy and only discourage)

Tip! If you add animation at the editing stage to subscribe, write a comment, or like it, the results will increase. And if you also add a sound of the button being clicked, it would be great.


  • Engagement is one of the most important metrics when ranking your videos.
  • You should think about this metric before you even write a script.
  • The main factor that affects the final engagement is the content.
  • There are many ways to increase audience engagement, but finding the right ones for your channel takes a lot of experimentation.


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