Dyson airblade Hand dryers are known as the fastest and most hygienic and also the least expensive dryers on the market. This one is a great option as it is easily available in the market and if you ask someone who is an environmentally conscious person then this is the most ideal option for you.  This was used by James Dyson himself and the reason was that he thought a vacuum cleaner required that old fashion bag.

Dyson hand dryer

Then within no time, the genius engineers discovered this driver that could dry hands without hitting them up and defend what was not needed to cool you down then

Technology Used

When it comes to this equipment then the team of Engineers has been working on this technology for more than 20 years and they always worked hard for inventing new machines that simply worked better so that things can work better. All the things are the same when it comes to function although it has been upgraded the newer versions are somewhat expensive

Latest Dryer

You need to know that the latest air blade dryers are operated by using a Dyson digital motor V4,  which is one of the world’s smallest and fully integrated 1600 w Motors.  Due to its small size and amazing power supply, it has been impossible to manufacture this kind of technology.  The motor spends 92000 rotations in a minute and this is the reason that it creates enough power to attract 28 l of approximately towards it in a second.

Woman drying hands

This simply means that the customers will find a compact hand dryer that is only 10 cm deep and it’s 50% less noisy than the original one but still has the amazing ability to dry your hands in less than 10 seconds. The best part about this one is that you can install it without any additional cost and this is very helpful if you have a large office or a large commercial setup in an area so you can install it without any kind of difficulty.


You need to know that these hand dryers are built by keeping in mind the highest American standards and they are certified organic by NSF international which is an independent, nonprofit able, And Global Public Health and safety organization.  The standards are so proper that they simply mean that all of the air that would be used for drawing the hands must be altered by a HEPA  filter which would be installed in it. In addition to this, the dryer makes sure to use heated air, and the main reason behind this is that no essential or beneficial oils are removed from the skin while using this equipment and as a result of this you will get softer and smoother hands. To maintain the highest level of hygiene this equipment is operating on a touch three operation so this simply means that it can be started or stopped without any kind of contact.  so it is the highly recommended type of drive that you should set up in a commercial arena.