Do you Need Professionals to Install Window Blinds?


As you know, there are many jobs around the home that you can happily carry out yourself. Sometimes it is a case of learning as you go, and experience grows over time with DIY tasks. One very common aspect of giving a room a makeover is adding window treatments or coverings. Namely, curtains, drapes, or blinds. And perhaps not surprisingly, this area is big business around the world.

Do you Need Professionals to Install Window Blinds

According to Grand View Research, the world’s window covering market is expected to reach a staggering $60 billion by 2030. Many of these blinds and curtains will be professionally fitted, and also cut and sized for a custom fit. But, do you need professional help really to fit window blinds in your home?

Are window blinds a good option today?

Before you look too deeply into how to fit blinds, and the best approaches to take, consider whether blinds would suit your home. Some rooms suit blinds more than others, and some homes may not look right with certain types of blinds at all. However, there is some suggestion that the right blinds may have some positive effects on selling a home. While adding window treatments won’t raise the value of your home, they can make it more attractive to potential buyers. One article in the NY Times suggested that quality window blinds may help to sell a home.

What do window blinds offer that curtains don’t?

Window blinds through their very nature offer some features that curtains cannot. Two of these are better privacy and light control. With the rise of the remote worker and the home office, being able to control how much light enters a room has become more important. Computer screen glare can be reduced by using window blinds, and privacy can be increased while still allowing light to enter. Curtains cannot offer the same level of control, and they can also be harder to clean. Curtains are also simply not suitable for many rooms in a home.

Do you need professionals to install your blinds?

So, assuming that you have decided that blinds are the way to go for you, now you need to know how to fit them. As a handyman who is able to complete many tasks around the home, you are probably also keen on installing your window treatments. There are many advantages to fitting window blinds yourself, and you can read these directly below. If you should fit your own window blinds then you will save money, and you will gain more knowledge. Your handyman skills will be increased as you finish each window. Obviously, you won’t need to pay anyone to complete the job so there are no fees involved. And, you can choose when to install the blinds instead of being held to someone else’s time frame. However, there may still be reasons to hire someone experienced to fit your window blinds.

Installing electric blinds

Are there benefits to asking professionals to fit window blinds?

If you are intent on installing your window blinds then there are plenty of guides on how to do this. A search for everything a handyman should know about installing blinds should relay plenty of information on this area. Nevertheless, there are good reasons for using professionals too. The first one may be down to your experience in DIY and handyman work. How adept are you with tasks around the home? Everyone needs to learn, and perhaps window blinds are a step above your skills right now. Why would that be? Well, not all window blinds are the same. Some of them can contain many elements and are more complicated than others. It goes without saying that the more complex the blind, the harder it will be to install. Window blinds may need to be fitted to irregular-sized windows, in which case having a professional handle the job will make life a lot easier.

What are the difficulties with installing your window blinds?

If you have regular, standard windows that fit blinds off the shelf then you will find fitting them fairly straightforward. If as mentioned above, you have windows that are not quite standard, then you may run into some difficulties. This is even more true if you are planning on installing blinds on many windows in the home. The time it will take to handle all these installations may be more trouble than it’s worth. In these situations, a professional blind installer may be worth paying for. Two other reasons for asking an installer to carry out the work are that they will have the correct tools for the job, and the work will be guaranteed. If you are short on experience in installing window blinds, especially irregular-sized ones, you may make some mistakes. If a professional botches the job they will have an obligation to put everything right.

What should you know about installing blinds?

If you are planning on carrying out your own window blind installation, then there are some considerations to keep in mind. Ensure you have all the necessary tools at hand. Read up on installing blinds, and any problems that may come to light so you are prepared. Don’t ignore the instructions that come with the blinds, and make sure all the parts are in place. Also, make sure you are choosing the correct blinds for each room. Consider what you want from your blinds, whether that be privacy, easy to clean, heat resistance, blackout properties, or something else. Roller blinds make a good option for a makeover project, but perhaps they aren’t the right type for a home office.


It is highly likely that you are keen on installing your own blinds instead of using a professional. No doubt, as a keen DIY enthusiast you are likely to be skilled enough to carry out this task. There are many advantages to making your own blind installations, however, if you do have a number of irregular windows to cover, then it might be time to consider some outside help.


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