DIY Computer Desk: How To Build Your Home Office in 5 Steps


Building a DIY computer desk is easy and affordable. The required tools and materials are easy to find, making  the whole desk-making process quick.

DIY Computer Desk

Now you can work comfortably with a workstation that is customized according to your requirements and room space. If you’re wondering how to get started and create your DIY home office desk, find all the steps below.

5 Steps To Build A Simple DIY Computer Desk

Think about it. Every desk has four legs and a top. You can choose the materials, size, style, and design according to your taste. You can even give your workspace a theme and create a desk that matches your persona. Isn’t that amazing? These are the basic steps to build your desk at home:

Start With The Legs

You can join the four desk legs with aprons. If you’re someone who has a lot of work supplies, then you can add shelves too. Add angles to stylize the legs further. Choose the height of the legs according to your comfort and the space where you’ll be placing the desk.

Build The Top

You can use a sheet of plywood or use multiple boards for the top. You can choose another material if you like. Remember to choose a size that has ample space to accommodate all your work tools like your laptop or PC. It should also have ample space for arm rest.

Attach The Top and Legs Together

This can be done after you’ve created the top and the legs separately or during the process of creating your desk. It depends on the overall design of your DIY home office desk.

Paint Your Desk

Once you’re done with joining the legs and the top of your desk together, you can paint it any color you like. This will give your workstation a more finished look. Let the paint dry completely before touching it. Also, make sure that the paint is suitable for the material of your desk.

Decorate Your Desk

This is the part that  lets you have your creative juices flowing. Embellish it, add stickers to it, do whatever you want to for a DIY computer desk that has the essence of “you”!

What Tools Are Needed For A DIY Office Desk?

Now that you have an idea of the steps to create a desk, let’s talk about all the tools you need for creating one.

  • Miter Saw: For cutting boards.
  • Circular Saw: to rip plywood.
  • Power Drill: to drill holes in the top or legs for adding screws,
  • Kreg Jig – to make pocket holes for strong joints.
  • Kreg Rip cut – This is used with the circular saw and helps make your cuts on plywood more accurate.

10 DIY Computer Desk Ideas

You have the basic steps, you have the tools you need but you need some ideas for inspiration. We have curated ten of them that can make you want to start right now.

Standing Tall

If you want to build a standing desk that doesn’t take up too much space, this is it. This DIY desk by A Beautiful Mess is perfect for those who don’t want to waste room space while also having ample desk space for work. You only need pine boards and shelf brackets to create this one.

DIY Computer Desk - standing tall

Vintage Charm

This beautiful DIY desk from Instructables is all natural and gives your workspace an antique look. For those who love old-school styles, this one fits that image perfectly. Adding a couple of coats of clear acrylic or antique wax will enhance the desk’s look.

DIY Computer Desk - vintage charm

Closet Utility

Here’s another perfect idea from Houseful of Handmade for those who don’t have enough space to accommodate a desk in a room. You can convert a simple closet into a functional desk. Just add a floating desk, and you’re done. You could also add shelves.

DIY Computer Desk - closet utility

Robust And Stylish

If you want a stylish desk  that  also has shelves for storage, this one from Handyman’s Daughter is the perfect one to create. It can be built using metal accents that not only hold the desk together but also give it a chic look.

DIY Computer Desk - robust

Pure Simplicity

Looking for something that fits any kind of room decor and aesthetic? This one from The Creative Mom has simple lines with a neutral color and ample storage space to rock any kind of room. Doesn’t take up much space and sits there looking pretty too!

DIY Computer Desk - pure simplicity

Wall Mounted Beauty

This one from Houseful of Handmade looks small but is big on utility and style. If you have bare walls that look empty and need a companion, this one is just right. It does the job of being a great work desk while looking good in your “remote work” pictures!

DIY Computer Desk - wall mounted beauty

U Shaped Modernity

If you’re looking to create a contemporary corner in your room, this large DIY home desk by Charleston Crafted will work wonders. Utilize that extra space in your home by creating a work corner with a desk that has it all: ample space, style, and storage.

DIY Computer Desk - u shaped modernity

Artistic Dream

Want an artistic looking work desk? Handmade Haven can tell you how to make one! It’s easy to build: a simple one with straight legs and drawers. What makes it special? The stenciled top. Try it out.

DIY Computer Desk - artistic dream

The Illusionist

An easy to build desk by Woodshop Diaries will give your workstation a lift, literally! It’s epoxy legs create an illusion that makes the desk looks like it’s floating. Like some magic? Build this one and have fun!

DIY Computer Desk - the illusionist

Classic Workaholic

This neat desk by Woodshop Diaries is for those who have a lot of work related things like files and paperwork that they need every day. With multiple drawers, it keeps everything organized for you so that the workaholic in you can work without getting off the desk from time to time.

DIY Computer Desk - classic workaholic

Build Your Work Zone

With remote work becoming more and more popular, working from home is all about having your own workstation where you can complete your tasks and call it a day. You spend so many hours on that desk, so it’s wise to create one that fits your needs, style, and space well. Hopefully, these ideas will help you build your best DIY desk!

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