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One of the economic treasures in the UK is the pub business. Pub owners and partners can showcase locally-made liquor. That makes the pub culture a vibrant market for the locals. Despite these, the market could see-saw in terms of its success. However, pub business can have its ups and downs. That said, a pub owner must find a suitable energy supplier. The good news is that there is an online Business Energy Comparison where they can get free quotes and see rates to compare.

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Find out how upgrading their business plan and energy supplier would keep them afloat, whatever economic state they are in.

What is Pub Energy?

A pub business energy is a power supply that lights up social places. If you own commercial space, you have a particular resource to run the whole place. Business owners would allot a specific supply for their business spaces. And they would usually separate it from their residential use. The energy suppliers for pubs must be able to provide the resources to keep the place alive at night. A single flickering bulb could die the energy of the consumers. Fun and excitement can leave the place without sufficient light, sound and electricity.

The current state of pub energy in the UK

There are around 50,000 pubs that you can find in the UK. Even small cities or villages would have one or two pubs in the area. A person can take a few walks, and a pub would greet them at a corner. It is no question that clubs and pubs create jobs for the locals. Many owners employ over 600,000 people and have a turnover of £23 billion. Like any business, a pub could close its doors forever due to financial troubles. On top of their concern is the cost of energy supplies. An energy source is the main thing that makes a pub come to life. It needs lights, water sources, sounds and other equipment. So, in recent years when enrgy prices have hiked, pubs are one of those who get hit directly. In fact, energy costs can reach up to 5% of a pub’s turnover. That amount means that pubs are under pressure to reduce their energy use to earn more profit.

The future of pub energy in the UK

Pubs are an energy-intensive market. For one, they cater to the nightlife. So without efficient sources of their energy then, they won’t ever be open. Looking at the state of pub energy today, it needs to find ways to reduce its cost. One way they can do this is by switching to renewable energy sources. Renewable energy is nothing new. If you are a manager and operate any establishment, then you might have heard of solar power or wind energy. If you have once opened up a pub, then you have encountered LED bulbs and lamps in one or two instances. These are changes that owners could adapt to reduce energy bills and become more sustainable. As traditional energy costs continue to rise, more and more pubs are turning to renewable energy sources to power their businesses. Solar panels, wind turbines, and hydroelectric dams are all becoming increasingly popular among pub owners looking to save money on their energy bills.

The benefits of renewable energy for pubs

There are many benefits that pubs can reap by switching to a new energy source.

Eco-friendly & Budget-friendly

One is that an eco-friendly energy source can be much cheaper than conventional ones. The usual energy source often comes from fossil fuels. Suppose you would only learn that creating energy products from fossil fuels takes a lot of processes. You would also have to consider the cost of manufacturing it. The brand name that these energy companies carry would also add to the entire cost. A renewable source would eliminate any third-party buyers and sellers. A local group can manage solar and wind energy. A community or non-profit group can also offer these types of energy. The cheaper way is for you to learn how to invent your own device. You can easily use DIY solar panels that you can set up in your small backyard or on your roof. Imagine having your own energy source provider in the corner of your property. This would knock off a large sum of your utility bills. Not only that, but you are also helping bring down carbon footprints on Earth.

Positive Brand Image

And, of course, do not forget that while helping bring positive vibes to Mother nature, your business will also get positive reviews. It has a good impact on your consumers when they learn you support eco-friendly energy sources. It does not hurt to let your patron know that you got sustainable systems to run your pub. what’s more, those who love the environment would learn about your business. That will result in customer retention and hitting a new target market for your trade.

Cleaner sources of energy

Not only can renewable energy help pubs save money, but it can also provide a number of other benefits. One of these would be much cleaner than fossil fuels. That is why using it helps reduce a pub’s carbon footprint.

Local produce

As mentioned a while ago, natural enrgy can be made and managed locally. This way, the pub business could support locals. They can work hand in hand with the community. This also results in less production time and costs.

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The challenges of renewable energy for pubs

Now have a look at what challenges pub owners face when it comes to their energy supplies. Renewable energy sources such as solar power and wind power can get lost. If there is not enough sun in the area, your panels can get dried off their energy. If there is a storm in your place, you need to wait for sunny days to come for you to recharge the device. That said, you would realise that solar energy is not that sustainable. That is the case unless you would invest and set up multiple panels and have a solar power bank stored up in case of emergencies. A wind turbine may face the same concern. This type of energy may not always be available when needed.

Additionally, installing renewable energy systems can be expensive upfront, so there is a risk that businesses may not see a return on their investment for several years. Despite these challenges, it is clear that renewable energy is the way of the future for the pub industry in the UK.

How technology can help pubs save energy

Technology can also play a role in helping pubs save energy and become more sustainable businesses. There are many different types of technology that can be used in order to achieve this goal.  For example, LED light is much more efficient than traditional lighting systems and can help to reduce a pub’s electricity bill. Then you got occupancy sensors which are solar-powered. That can be used to automatically turn lights off when rooms are empty, further reducing electricity consumption.

Facts to Consider Before You Make a Switch

If you’re thinking about making the switch to renewable energy for your pub, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Area to install

First, you’ll need to make sure that your property is suitable for solar panels, wind turbines, or hydroelectric dams. If you need a solar panel, be sure to have a spot where the sun will always be at its peak. That way, you would get the maximum amount of energy to power up all the devices you use for your business. On the other hand, wind turbines need a windy one.

The initial cost to install

You also need to factor in the initial cost of installing the renewable energy system. While long-term savings have a significant factor, the upfront cost can sometimes prohibit you to earn more.  However, there are often tax incentives available to help offset these costs.

Your Takeaway

A well-run pub can be a profitable business, but it can also be a wasteful one. So if you’re looking for a way to save money and reduce the environmental impact. Renewable energy is worth considering. With the right plan, it can be a great addition to your business


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