Different Types of Home Pest Control


When you have a pest infestation in your home, it is time to take the necessary steps to remove the pests and make sure that the area is as safe as possible. There are actually a few different methods of pest control that you can use in your home but knowing the type of pest on the property and what method will work the best for you will make all the difference.

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Whether you choose to do the pest control on your own or have the professionals get the work done for you, there are different types of home pest control for you to choose. Some of the most common choices include:

Chemical Pest Control

For many pest problems, chemical pest control will be one of the first lines of defense against many types of pests. This can include the domestic ones. Most of the chemical methods of controlling pests will be able to use specific chemicals to prevent an infestation and kill off the eggs so they are less likely to come back. Chemicals can prevent pest infestations from growing quickly and taking over the entire home, while destroying some of the nests at the same time. Chemical methods are often going to be better at controlling pests compared to the organic ones, though you do need to be careful about which chemicals you use around kids and animals. You can choose from hundreds of chemicals and the right one will depend on the exact pest infestation that you are dealing with at the time.

Organic Pest Control

While it is common for homeowners to use chemical pest control methods because they are effective and can last a long time, some worry that these chemicals are going to be harmful to them, their children, and their pets. Because of this, they will choose to go with a different method to help reduce the issues with pests and one of those options is organic pest control. Organic methods will often be suitable and do a good job if you don’t have a severe pest infestation to worry about. These methods could include options like poisons, oils, pest-killing tablets, baits, sprays, and some traps to help capture the pests and make it harder for them to continue taking over the home. Organic products are often preferred for the main reason they are safer than chemicals. They will put less risk on humans and other living things. They can also be lower in cost than some of the others as well. For example, some pests do not like mint or other herbs that you could grow in the garden.

Biological Pest Control

When you choose to go with a biological pest control method, you are utilizing living things to help kill or eliminate pests. This is a great method of getting rid of domestic pests, especially if you have a larger area to work with. This can work against a wide variety of pests and is quickly becoming more popular than some of the other options. It is more effective than the organic pest control on some kinds of pests and will not have the harmful chemicals that you can see with the first choice.

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Electronic Pest Control

A fourth option that you can choose to help remove the pests around your home is to use an electronic pest control. This is effective because they can attract the pests away from the home and then kill them. Many of these tools are used to repel and remove pests, including the insects and rodents. There are a few options that you may see including:

  • Ultrasonic wave emitters: This option will use sound waves to attract the pests. Humans will not be able to hear these sounds, but they will be enough to repel the insects and pests away from your home. It can cause other issues in the pests as well, with some of the tools killing the pests before they make it to your home.
  • Electromagnetic waves: Some devices will use radio waves that can control the pests in your home. These waves are going to produce heat when they agitate with water molecules and this is the heat that will help to repel the insects and pests. They will end up effecting the nervous system of different pest species.

Hygiene Pest Control

One of the best things that a homeowner will be able to do to make sure the pests are going to stay as far away as possible is to keep the area clean. A clean and hygienic place is less likely to attract some of the pests and insects that are around your home, meaning that you should keep the area cleaned up as much as possible. You should have a routine in place to keep the home clean, especially when you are done having a meal. Put the food away and clean up after you to avoid issues. Some of the instructions that you can use to help keep your home clean include:

  • Properly clean off all of the surfaces and other areas where you eat your food.
  • Dispose of all the trash you need to get out of the home in an air-tight can or bag.
  • Wash all the dishes and kitchen stuff after eating and cooking.
  • Clean off surfaces of floors and tables and make sure that they are free from food that is still sitting out.
  • Store food in containers that are tightly sealed and keep them put away.
  • Keep your washrooms as clean as possible and the sewage system flowing.

You do not need to keep the home immaculate all the time, but having some cleaning routine in place will make it harder for the pests to find the food and shelter that they need, giving you the safe home that you need.

Choosing the Right Pest Control Method

As a homeowner, you will have many options to go with when you pick out a pest control method. Many homeowners decide that they want to get the pests gone quickly and will choose to work with a professional pest removal company to help out. Trust Sprague Pest Solutions to help you take care of the pests in your home and keep it safe for everyone involved.


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