Different Types Of Finishes To Paint Your Walls 


If you have already chosen a new palette or paint color for your home, you must be all set to visit the paint store nearby. But wait before you head out because choosing paints is not just about the color. It is also about the finish. Paint is available in different finishes. And it is important to understand which finish suits your project the best before bringing out the rollers and brushes. So, here are all the options that you have in this regard.

Different Types Of Finishes To Paint Your Walls

Read on and decide for yourself.


Flat or matte paints have the least bit of shine. They offer way more coverage than any other paint and need a lesser number of coats to hide imperfections, such as nail holes. Though they are good for coverage, they are not durable. They will get damaged when cleaner is applied on them. Thus, they are well-suited to low-traffic areas (dining rooms) and surfaces that don’t touch much (ceilings).


Eggshell is one of the popular types of paint finishes. They are a little bit more lustrous than the flat or matte paints, with the low and delicate sheen of eggshells. You can still use them to cover imperfections, and they tend to be more durable than flat finishes, though less than gloss or satin finishes. Eggshell finishes are perfect for areas with low and medium traffic, such as hallways, entryways, and living rooms.


Satin is one of the most common types of wall paint finishes for the interiors. It has a velvety sheen and is easier to maintain and clean than eggshell and flat paints. Thus, though they aren’t meant for exterior paint, they are a good choice for the high-traffic rooms like playrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and family rooms. Also, the sheen in satin paints easily reveals brush strokes, which means future touch-ups might be difficult.

Different Types Of Finishes To Paint Your Walls - modern living room


Semi-gloss paints tend to be highly reflective and shiny. They are truly mildew-resistant and durable, which makes them great for rooms that go through a lot of daily wear and tear, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and kid’s rooms. Moisture resistance is a must-have quality for exterior paint as well. Also, they are good for trims. Due to the glossy finish, the imperfections tend to show up more than those less shiny finishes.


High-gloss paints tend to be the shiniest one of this bunch. Also, they are highly washable and durable, which makes it easy for them to handle regular scrubbing. You can consider this kind of paint for cabinetry, trim, and doors. Along with being suitable for interior paint, you can also use high-gloss finish for outdoor details like shutters. But it is important to prepare well before using this particular finish. Incorrect application might make it show imperfections.

The endnote

Choosing the right finish for the right space also ensures that the paint looks nice and stays put for a longer time. So, make sure you keep the above discussion in mind when you go ahead to buy paint.


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