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Garage doors in a commercial setting are available in a wide range of styles and sizes. Many different kinds of corporate garage doors are currently on the market. It might be tough to choose the finest one for your business, but it’s critical to consider all alternatives before making a final decision.

Commercial Garage Door Styles

The following is a list of some of the most popular commercial door types, along with their characteristics:

How to Install Your Commercial Garage Door

Let’s begin our list by discussing the steps involved in putting up a business door. When it comes time to install your commercial garage door, you should engage a professional expert. They will have the knowledge and understanding to ensure that your garage door is installed correctly and securely. Furthermore, they will be able to assist you in selecting the appropriate type of garage door for your space.

Common Styles of Commercial Garage Doors

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most commonly used kinds of commercial garage doors:

  1. Sectionals

Sectional garage doors are made out of many panels that swivel along the length of the door. They’re frequently built of steel or aluminum and can be manually or automatically operated. Garage sectional doors are quite adaptable and may be utilized in a variety of settings.

  1. Rolling

Rolling garage doors are similar to sectional garage doors, but they roll up rather than swing open. Rolling steel or aluminum garage doors are generally manual or automatic and may be either simple or complex to use. These are often seen in warehouses and industrial settings of all kinds.

  1. High-Speed Fabric

These doors are designed for high-traffic areas and must open and close rapidly. They’re composed of tough, heavy-duty material. These doors are frequently automated. If businesses transport and receive products through their loading docks on a regular basis or need to keep their facility cool, these types of doors are often used.

  1. Impact-Resistant

Garage doors that are impact-resistant are designed to withstand high winds. They are generally built of reinforced steel or aluminum and may be opened manually or automatically. If you live in a region where there is a lot of wind or storms, an impact-resistant garage door might be worth considering.

  1. Fire-Rated

The most crucial feature of a fire door is that it prevents flames from spreading. They are generally constructed of steel or aluminum, and they may be opened or closed manually or automatically. In the event of a fire, the objective of a fire-rated door is for it to close on its own. Commercial properties sometimes require fire-rated doors for safety reasons.

Commercial Garage Door Styles - commercial garage door

  1. Service

A service door is not the same as a garage door. It’s more of a typical door that’s housed inside of a rolling or swinging garage door. Workers may enter the garage without having to raise the entire garage door thanks to a service doorway, which is incorporated into the main garage door and may be accessed with a key just like any other normal room.

  1. Insulated

The major goal of these doors is to keep out the cold or heat. They’re made of a variety of materials, including fiberglass, aluminum, and steel. If you live in an area with strong heat or severe frosts, or if the seasons change frequently throughout the year, you may want an insulated garage door. Many businesses have insulated doors for their woodworking shops or crafting areas since they preserve the contents within the garage from warping and protect it from damage.

  1. Insulated Glass

Many commercial businesses have started putting up rolling glass-panel garage doors that allow for some sort of access to the outdoors. Some restaurants leave their garage doors open to a patio or the sidewalk. These garage doors are usually huge and cover the entire length of one wall of the bar or restaurant. This technique has taken hold in regions where people endure the four seasons to a severe degree. The Midwest, for example, requires insulation and weather protection during the winter, but it also enjoys extremely pleasant outdoor temperatures throughout the summer and fall.

Did You Find the Right Door for Your Business?

It’s critical to find the right garage door for your company. Do some research and consult with an expert before making a decision. Because they are frequently huge, heavy, and expensive to install, you should never attempt to install a new garage door on your own.


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