Can You Use Polyurethane Coatings on Wood?


When you have good wood items, such as cabinetry and furniture, you want to protect and preserve them for as long as possible. To do this, some will use paint, whereas others will apply shellac or varnish, wood stain, or linseed oil. However, these types of protective coatings can only last for a few years. So if you want longer-lasting protection, you should find something more durable and nearly impenetrable.

Can You Use Polyurethane Coatings on Wood

The most viable solution is polyurethane coating. Learn more about polyurethane coatings at Now the question is, can you apply polyurethane coating on wood?

Polyurethane coating for wood

Yes, you can find polyurethane coatings specifically made for wood. They are either one-component or two-component solutions. When you say one-component coating, you will be using a single product that is ready to apply. On the other hand, a two-component coating requires mixing two different materials. Notably, this includes a resin solution and hardener. It ensures that the surface will be resistant to chemical agents and abrasions. Moreover, it provides higher conservation of the coating and higher durability. However, you should not discount the advantage of the one-component polyurethane. The solution is easy to use, and you can apply it to small objects that you do not handle often.

Applying polyurethane coating on wood surfaces

Polyurethane coating for wood works like paint or varnish. It will give wood surfaces a high level of finish. Moreover, the surfaces become harder with improved mechanical and chemical resistance. The two-component coating adheres to wood better, making it perfect for wood parquet floors.

Can You Use Polyurethane Coatings on Wood - painting

Factors to consider during the application

If you use a two-component polyurethane coating, you should choose the appropriate thinner and hardener suitable to the surface. Remember that you should not use mineral spirits as thinner for polyurethane coatings. You can use a brush to apply the coating on small surfaces, particularly those with many details. You can also use the same brush for retouching and restoration. The polyurethane coating for wood is great for coating kitchen doors, wood floorings, joinery cabinet doors, and frames. Again, it makes the surface resistant to impacts, abrasions, solvents, and water.

Which type to use?

Oil-based polyurethane coating becomes slightly amber-colored when dry. It enhances the wood’s color, giving it a warm glow. The film turns hard and durable after a few coats. However, the drying time takes longer between sessions. Water-based polyurethane appears milky but turns clear when dry. This type is perfect for preserving the wood’s natural color. However, you would need to apply more coats, although the drying time becomes relatively shorter. You can use soap and water to clean the surface. The third type is a water-based oil-modified polyurethane coating. Similar to oil-based, it will turn amber when dry, but it dries faster and is compatible with all kinds of wood. Likewise, you can use water to clean up the finished surface.


Choose the type of polyurethane coating for the wood surface you want to protect. The product provides the durability and aesthetic finish you want for your indoor and exterior wood surfaces.


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