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Before you begin any painting work, it is essential to keep in mind the preparation phase. This stage requires removing flaking or peeling paint before you apply a new coat. However, removing paint from surfaces can be daunting. Luckily, pressure cleaning comes to your rescue, offering a quick and reliable solution.

removing paint with pressure washer

Read on to learn all you need about pressure washing, including insightful tips for your paint removal job.

What Type of Pressure Washer Should You Use to Remove Paint?

Pressure washers come in two types: hot and cold. Cold power washers are suitable for cleaning that doesn’t entail tough stains, such as dirt and mildew removal. Conversely, hot power washers come in handy in cleaning oil and grease build-up. So, the type of pressure washer you utilize will depend on the type of paint you seek to remove.

Most home exteriors have latex or water-based paint. This paint is generally easier to remove, and you can use a cold power washer. Nevertheless, a great majority of commercial buildings feature oil-based paints, as it is tough and meant to be long-lasting. In this case, you should use a hot power machine to remove the paint effectively. You will require a strong power washer to remove paint from any surface. Therefore, regardless of the type you settle for, ensure it boasts pressure exceeding PSI 2000. If you are dealing with stubborn paint, you will need a power washer with pressure up to PSI 3500.

Where You Should Use a Pressure Cleaner

When removing paint, pressure washing is a great fit on wooden, metal, and concrete surfaces. You can use power washing to split off splattered or coated paint sidewalks, aluminum rails, or rails. However, you can’t employ the same manner of power washing to remove paint on all surfaces. The pressure and nozzle you use will vary with the surface you work on.

removing paint from bricks

Tips for Removing Paint with a Pressure Cleaner

Clear the Working Area

Before you commence your paint removal project, clear the surface by gently dusting or sweeping it. Also, remove anything that can be damaged by power washing, including furniture, electrical appliances, and fixtures. Look for damaged sections and repair them, as pressure cleaning can worsen the damage.

Check Your Water Supply

Your water supply will determine the effectiveness of the paint removal by power washing. You won’t achieve optimum results if your water supply is insufficient. Confirm the water supply prior to beginning your pressure washing work. To guarantee adequate water supply, examine how long your tap takes to fill a five-gallon pail. You are all set if it takes less than two minutes.

Prioritize Safety

Pressure cleaners are extremely powerful machines you should handle cautiously. Therefore, always wear the necessary protective gear when removing paint with a power washer, including hearing protection, safety glasses, gloves, boots, and long clothing. Also, when removing paint from high surfaces, avoid using ladders since the recoil from the high pressure can throw you off balance.

Work with Professional Pressure Cleaning Service

Pressure washing is not as simple as it seems, particularly if you are inexperienced or lack the necessary equipment. Also, if you opt to hand-wash paint off surfaces, it will take a lot of time, and you won’t achieve your preferred outcome. Therefore, working with a professional will save you the hassle and get you the desired results. For expert and customized pressure cleaning paint removal for your Miami-Dade home or commercial property, contact the professionals at GWS Pressure Cleaning Kendall.


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