Best US Colleges with Woodworking Degrees


Woodworking is one of the oldest professions in the world. It has been practiced since ancient Egypt. There is hardly any civilization that does not have its form of woodwork. Over the years, this profession has developed into an exceptional craft that millions of people practice worldwide. Anyone can now enroll and learn woodworking in various top colleges.

Best US Colleges with Woodworking Degrees

The need to have professional woodcraft experts is higher than ever. Therefore, organizations and businesses are desperately looking for capable hands to hire. In addition, the remuneration is quite reasonable. Graduates of this profession are able to create and fix furniture and wood-related items. Presented below are some of the best American colleges that offer woodwork degrees.

Southwest School of Woodworking

The Southwest School of Woodworking is one of the best woodwork schools around southwestern America. It provides students with basic and advanced knowledge in craftsmanship and woodwork. With its campus in Phoenix, Arizona, this school has adequate instructors to ensure effective learning. Similarly, the college has a large pool of experienced professionals from within and outside the school. Students can specialize in inlays, design, veneering, and design. Likewise, the school has an excellent master’s program for professionals. A student can turn to the pro essay for their writing needs. With this service, learners can access great content for their academic needs.

Arizona State University

Arizona State University is another credible college for carpentry and related fields. This craft is offered by the Tempe campus situated in Tempe. Unlike most universities, a student cannot only get an undergraduate degree. You can also attain a postgraduate degree in woodworking. In particular, you are able to enroll in these programs from Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts. Within this location, students have access to a well-equipped woodworking studio. Once admitted, you can quickly learn how to turn, bend, and fabricate wooden materials.

Los Angeles Trade Technical College

The Los Angeles Trade Technical College is situated in Los Angeles. This school has over 10,000 students learning different types of technical professions. As such, you can quickly enroll in this program. You will learn how to design, create, and install house cabinets, millwork, and similar woodworks. Apart from the degree program, you can also enlist for associate and certificate programs in several technical professions. Speaking of the technical profession, if you are interested in car repair, you may look through a car repair manual. You will learn how to resolve problems in your vehicle quickly.

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Kaskaskia College

Kaskaskia College is one of the best woodworking colleges in Illinois. Established in Centralis, students can enroll in degree and certificate courses relating to woodwork. Within the certificate course, students will study for two semesters. They will learn how to conduct siding, construct roofs, and interpret blueprints. With respect to the degree program, learners can enroll for associate degrees related to carpentry.

Hillsborough Community College

Hillsborough Community College has its campus in Tampa, Florida. Students have access to both degree and certificate courses in building and architecture within this school. In addition, you are able to learn woodworking and related services. Similarly, individuals have access to several apprenticeship programs that helps to develop skills in carpentry and related fields.


Getting a degree in woodworking is one qualification that is in demand. Many businesses are looking to employ specialists in carpentry. Some of the best American colleges with woodworking degrees include:

  • Southwest School of Woodworking;
  • Arizona State University;
  • Los Angeles Trade Technical College;
  • Kaskaskia College;
  • Hillsborough Community College.

Each of these colleges offers excellent training in woodworking.

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