Bathroom Renovations 101: Shower Upgrade Ideas


Nothing beats the feeling of taking a shower after a long day unless you are in the shower room of your dreams. Now that will be quite the experience. There are numerous ways to make your shower stand out from the rest. Lucky for you, we have a couple of shower upgrades ideas that will work with your budget and time. Not only are they budget-friendly, but they will also make each shower experience unique.

Shower Upgrade Ideas

You will discover a lot more once you see shower panels and other upgrades on today’s list. Let’s get started.

Tile power

A lot of homeowners take shower room tiles for granted. But the thing is, tiles can tell a lot about a shower room. So what you can do is rev up your bathroom game with decorative and stylish tiles. The best thing about decorative tiles is that you can purchase them without breaking the bank.

Handy nook

Any shower room is not complete without a nook. But what if you can take this portion one step further? What you can do is install a handy nook near your shower. That way, you can reach for items without leaving the shower area. This approach also saves your toiletries from staying on the floor.

Farewell tub

Most typical houses have bathtubs in their bathrooms. There is nothing wrong with having one in your setting. But the thing is that these structures consume a chunk of the bathroom space. So why not get rid of the tub entirely? That way, you can have a larger space for the shower.

Loft away

You can also convert that loft upstairs into a shower room like no other. A shower room might not be the most conventional thing to do for a loft conversion. But doing so allows you to get creative with the space you have.

Mega marble

Marble is a material you can utilize to amplify your shower room’s aesthetic appeal. It makes for a stunning backdrop for any shower room out there. Not only that, but the natural veining of marble creates an atmosphere of class and sophistication. You will feel posh while taking a bath.

Shower Upgrade Ideas - shower

A new shower panel

One of the most crucial things you have to upgrade in a shower room is the shower panel. Perhaps your old one needs replacing. You can peruse the thousands of choices out there. You can pick one that fits in well with your shower room theme or concept.

Multiple showerheads

Why settle for one shower head when you can go with two? Is it not enough? Then how about going for multiple? That is right. You can get crazy and all by setting up multiple showerheads. You might be thinking that this step will be costly. But you can work around this little issue. You can reconfigure the water system. That way, the shower heads will release only the appropriate amount of water.


One of the best ways to improve your shower room is to set up a steam shower. A steam shower is the best alternative to a commercial spa. You can enjoy the benefits of a spa without leaving the comfort of your home. In addition, steam showers can benefit your body in more than one way. How? It will detoxify you and make you feel relaxed.

Let’s Talk About Costs

You do not have to worry about your finances with these upgrades. Some of them will make you spend less than a hundred dollars overall. But it also depends on a couple of other factors. Say you hire a contractor to do the upgrade. That means you might have to pay for the materials they will use. You will also take care of the labor fee for the employees. That is why some homeowners resort to working on the upgrades without professional assistance. Doing so allows them to save on time and cash.

But there is nothing wrong with hiring a contracting company to work on your shower room upgrade. In fact, it has several benefits. For one, you need to run a business or attend classes. Hiring a company means you can do something else while they work on the upgrade. Take a look first before you hire. You have to make sure that the company or worker you hire is legitimate and easy to communicate with overall.

A Shower For Your Thoughts

You have all the time and liberty to have any number of shower room upgrades. It will be a better choice to work on them slowly. That way, you will not have to deal with any issues that might arise later. But the most important thing is that you have fun while doing so.


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