Bathroom Remodelling: A Buyer’s Guide To Shower Doors


Shower doors exist to provide two main functions: the first one is to provide access to a shower area that is water-tight, and the second one is to stop any water from getting out whilst the shower is being used. Whilst these two functions may be relatively simple, nowadays there exist all types of shower doors, including frameless shower doors, that come in a range of shapes and sizes.

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The type of shower door that is needed or wanted depends on the layout of the bathroom, its size, and the kind of shower tray being used. Some of the different types of shower doors that are available include the following.

Sliding Shower Doors

These types of shower doors sit on rollers and either open or close as they move along the track. The main benefit of a sliding shower door is that it will not intrude into the space of the rest of the bathroom. This makes them the ideal choice for when floor space is at a premium. The thing with sliding shower doors is that they need to be properly maintained and looked after to keep them in good working condition. The result of not doing this is a loss of the sliding functionality.

Framed Shower Doors

These types of shower doors are a more traditional option and can be made either out of plastic or metal. It is the frame that holds the glass panel in position. Typically, framed shower doors are a cheaper option as they are easy to manufacture and require less glass. Because of the frame, these types of shower doors provide a good amount of support. Opt for one where the frame is minimal and framed shower doors can look sleek, modern, and stylish in their own right.


Fixed Shower Doors

These types of shower doors are specifically designed to be used with walk-in showers. Unlike other shower doors, they are not made to be moved. In fact, they are more like shower screens than doors, although often they have a thin hinged panel on the part of the door that is furthest away from the actual shower. Because it is hinged, the panel can be pivoted either inwards or outwards, which is useful for preventing water from escaping into the bathroom.

Quadrant Shower Doors

These types of shower doors are also sometimes called round shower doors and are perfect for putting into corner spaces. They have the look of a quarter of a circle, hence the name quadrant shower doors. Because they are round, the opening of the shower door can have several different styles (except for folding), depending on which one works best for a particular bathroom space. The only slight downside to a quadrant shower door is that they do not have much to offer in the way of standing room.

Other Types

Other types of shower doors that are worth an honorable mention include pivot shower doors, folding shower doors, and corner shower doors.


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