Assess your Home Security with This Easy-to-Follow Guide


We are certainly living in troubling times and with house-breaking figures on the rise, we all need to review our home security to determine if it is adequate. We asked a leading home security expert how to go about assessing security measures and here is the pick of their suggestions.

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Aside from the doors, your windows are access points as far as a house-breaker is concerned; if you have double glazing installed, this is one more layer of protection that a thief has to penetrate. Every window should have its own lock and if your windows do not have locks, the best residential locksmith in Illawarra can soon change that. Try not to get into the habit of going out and leaving downstairs windows open, as this is an obvious temptation to a passing burglar and they can be in and out in a few minutes.


Security screens are great and they can be fabricated to perfectly fit the door and with marine grade steel, no one is going to force entry through your front or back door. You should as a matter of course, have a spyhole so you can see who is at the door when the doorbell rings and make sure the locks are all working as they should.

Video surveillance

For the little is costs, you should install a CCTV system with several cameras that give a panoramic view of the perimeter; this is a job for your local locksmith, who can supply & install top brands of CCTV systems and would be cheaper than a security company. The deterrent value of well-placed cameras is high and with eyes 24/7 watching your exterior, you will sleep well at night. If your roof needs replacing, here are a few reasons to choose a metal roof.

smart home security

Motion detection lighting

You can have a motion sensor fitted to your exterior lighting and when a person approaches your home, the light will automatically turn on. Any intruder is sure to take off if the lights suddenly came on and for what it costs, this is a great idea, which also prevents injury if a family member is walking around in the garden after dark.

Home security alarms

Of course, there are many types of home security systems and the best person to talk to about home security is your local locksmith. If, for example, you have locks on all windows and you have CCTV, this would be sufficient for many Australian homeowners. Most home alarm systems can be zoned off, allowing you to create areas that are not covered and they vary in complexity, depending on the level of security you want.

The other way to have a thorough home security evaluation is to contact a local locksmith, who would be happy to pay you a visit and assess your home protection. Once he has assessed things, he would make a few recommendations on how to improve the level of security, plus he can supply and install a wide range of home security systems, all at affordable prices.


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