9 Ways to Furnish a Large Blank Wall – Handyman tips


Maybe you just purchased a house or are in the process of renovating your home. Empty walls can create an unsettling atmosphere. If you have a blank wall in your home or are looking for trendy ideas to furnish your walls, there are plenty of modern ideas of what you can do to rediscover your walls.

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Here are 9 trendy ideas that can reshape the empty walls of your interior home.

1. Mirrors

Installing mirrors are a unique way to fill void space on an empty wall. There are dozens of different sizes and shapes to select from, which all can dazzle your home by reflecting your room’s theme in deepening ways. Mirrors can have a sliding price range and require a little skill to install with chic and impeccable line work.

2. Hanging planters

If you or the people in your household have a green thumb, consider shaping the empty wall with a new wall hanger or hanging plants. A little green in the room helps reshape the atmosphere while also giving off a fresh and delightful air to your home. Planters can be a cost effective way to liven the space and come in all different sizes, materials and shapes.

3. Floating shelves

A great way to give an empty wall a new definition is to install floating shelves. Especially if this empty wall has furniture along the floor, floating shelves offer you the ability to take up volume in a different way. Showcasing your knick knacks and décor in new ways can give your home a new feel.

4. Wall murals

A trendy idea for large blank walls is to order murals that cover the entirety or partial areas of your empty walls. Wall murals offer up an innovative way to redesign empty space while on a budget. If you’re an avid photographer, you can even use your own photos to transform your empty wall.

5. Wood panels

If you’re a woodworker or have an appeal to the aesthetics of wood, installing stained, jagged, or freshly cut wood and driftwood is a trendy idea to fill that empty space on your walls. You can choose from endless possibilities of wood that will reflect earthy aspects or creative panels that flow with the theme of your home.

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6. Plumbing pipe shelves

If shelves are something that’s on your mind, a trendy material for shelving units is to use new or refurbished plumbing pipe as a shelf. The aesthetic of piping is modern and stylish that brings out a feel of industrial modernity.

7. Abstract paint accents

Chic and clean paint accents on empty walls are very affordable ideas to spruce up the interior of your home. Accent walls can range from entire wall colours that add depth to the theme in your home to smaller, stylish abstract shapes which reflect creative designs. Shapes like circles, lines, ovals, or even trapezoids are all modern and can shape the ways in which your room breathes life.

8. Wall lights and sconces

If your empty wall doubles with a room that doesn’t carry enough natural light, perhaps installing wall lights is an option for you. Sconces and spotlights bring out highlighted aspects of any room, especially if your furniture below the lights has art and décor on them. Highlighting with decorative lighting can enhance any room with an empty wall.

9. Tapestries

Another trendy idea that is coming back into modern home décor circles is tapestry art. Installing tapestries that hold beautiful designs and narratives that tell stories is a trendy idea to help you fill the empty walls in your home. The rooms that offer great opportunities for tapestries often have the walls that are the focal point of the room.


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