8 Incredible Benefits of Car Ceramic Coating to Know About


Every car owner wants their car to remain shiny all the time and free from dirt, grease, contaminants and other substances that rob its lustre. But despite taking the utmost precautions, your vehicle is bound to get dirty sometimes from various things like bird droppings, smoke, pollutants, stains, tree sap, and water spots.

ceramic coating

To ensure your vehicle retains a brand new appearance, you should consider getting a car ceramic coating with a lifetime warranty and SGS certifications. It is the best protection for your car’s paint, preventing it from peeling off and protecting the exterior from wear and tear. Getting paint protection for your vehicle is important because its effects are long-lasting, saving you the expenses involved in repeated paintwork. Moreover, it is the only way of giving your car that shiny and smooth appearance, as if you had just rolled it out of a showroom. But those aren’t the only reasons behind getting paint protection, as the benefits are numerous. What are some of those you should know about?

No need for repeated application

Ceramic protection saves you the cost of getting another one within a few days or weeks, as it binds permanently with your paintwork by entering its deepest corners. However, you might need to get a coat if your car’s surface has incurred too much damage.

Resistant to chemicals

Ceramic is resistant to certain chemicals that affect your vehicle’s paintwork and strip it of waxes, sealants and other protectants.

Protects against contaminants

It also protects your car against contaminants like bug splatter, tree sap, bird droppings and other damaging environmental fallout.

Effective shield against UV

UV radiation is bad for your vehicle’s surface, leaving it looking dry and older than its age. Ultraviolet radiation causes two types of damage to the paint: oxidation and photo-degradation. Photo-degradation dissolves the chemical bonds of the existing paint, resulting in an effect similar to bleaching. Oxidation occurs when the electrons witness a decrease in the paint’s chemical components, making it look blotchy and discoloured.

Easy to clean and maintain

Applying ceramic coating on your car makes it easy to clean and maintain, as the dirt, grease and dust roll off easily from the surface rather than sticking to it, as is the case with regular factory paint.


Protects your wheels

Your car’s wheels receive plenty of damage from brake dust. Brake dust is iron particles that originate from the brake pads and settle on the wheels. Since most rims are made of metallic alloy, they are vulnerable to dust, which wears them out quickly. When this dust settles on your wheels, it leads to a reduction in the brakes’ efficiency.

Removes the need for windshield wipers

Driving with wipers is challenging, as they obstruct your visibility. Getting a ceramic layering for your vehicle removes the need for windshield wipers, as the rainwater which collects on the surface rolls off instead of sticking to it and is only removable by wipers.

Leather stays cleaner

Paint protection is advantageous not just for your vehicle’s surface but also for its interiors. The leatherwork, for instance, is one of the most expensive parts of the car. Leather surfaces containing a ceramic coating stay cleaner and fresher for a long time and protect them from UV damage, chemicals, and liquid spills.

You should choose car ceramic coating for your car’s paint because it’s the best protection for your vehicle. It lends an everlasting glow to your vehicle and saves you the cost of painting your car repeatedly.


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