8 Digital Tools to Help You DIY Your Dream Home


Designing your house from scratch can be pretty rewarding, especially if you are doing it for yourself. Nonetheless, as it’s a “one-shot, one-take” opportunity, it may also provoke anxiety within your soul. It has happened with us, and we’re pretty sure that you’ll feel the same too.

8 Digital Tools to Help You DIY Your Dream Home

So, how did we solve it?

Well, we took the help of technology, of course. In case you were unaware of it, the Google playstore, and Apple store, house a plethora of apps that can help you out. Regardless of where you are standing, these pre-made tools can offer you assistance with –

  • Making correct building measurements.
  • Renovating a room or the house entirely.
  • Manage your budget and distribute it equally amongst different segments.
  • DIY tutorials.
  • Creating brand new designs and architectural nuances.

In the following section, we have made a roundup of eight apps that can help you get started on your house-building project. So, let’s get started.

Best Tools For Designing Your House

Before we start with the main topic, there’s something we wanted to let you know. You can find all of these tools on, a torrent website, for free. Just make sure to use a VPN before opening it, and you will be fine. Anyway, getting back on the topic, here’s our list of the best tools for designing your house –

Option – 1: Houzz 

Houzz, in essence, is an interior designing application that is overflowing with various design ideas, concepts, and reviews. It’s also free and comes with a user-friendly UI. Thus, even if you are a beginner, you can still use the same with ease.

Option – 2: Housecraft

Unlike the former, Housecraft focuses more on arranging the furniture of your house to make it feel more spacious. As an excellent planning app, it lets you recreate the size of a product. Thus, it becomes easier for you to perceive if it will fit in your room or not.

Option – 3: Palette Cam 

With Palette Cam, you can fill up your room with colors and make it more vibrant altogether. The application comes with a set of hues and also enables you to grab a few from the pictures you have taken on your phone. The in-built zoom of the tool is pretty precise as well.

Option – 4: Home Design 3D

As the name implies, Home Design 3D lets you create a precise 3D model of your home prior to its IRL creation. With it, you can create openings, change the shapes and sizes, and refine the orientation more precisely. There are a few customized textures available here for use too.

8 Digital Tools to Help You DIY Your Dream Home - home design app

Option – 5: Home Outside 

Home Outside is all about taking care of your garden and making it a lot more beautiful than it already is. With it, you can mock up your lawn, place or remove more than 700 hand-drawn elements, and design everything again from scratch.

Option – 6: iHandy Carpenter

By paying $2.99, you can get a protractor, bubble leveler, plumb bob, surface leveler, and ruler with iHandy Carpenter. It’s also visually quite engaging and offers an ideal solution for first-time users. The app can also make accurate measurements from almost every front.

Option – 7: Morpholio 

Morpholio enables you to effortlessly organize, record, sketch, and brainstorm ideas with regard to your dream house. You can also click a picture or capture texts on it. There are several drawing tools available here as well, which can help you draw or paint.

Option – 8: Photo Measures 

Photo Measures offers a super-duper easy way to click and save measures on your mobile phone. With it, you will only have to take some photos and jot down the required dimensions on them. You can also organize all of the pictures you’ve clicked by category.

Final Thoughts 

Designing the premise of a house can be pretty tricky, in our opinion. However, if you are using the tools we have mentioned earlier, we hope it won’t be too big of a task for you. In any case, if you still have some queries or suggestions for us, make sure to tell us about them in the comment section below. We will try our best to help you out.


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