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Searching different professionals for smart appliance repairs or home improvement projects is the most hectic job every homeowner has to do. Hiring a Handyman in Luton will definitely make everyone’s life easy. They can perform a list of different jobs. From plumbing to painting, they can do dozens of varied projects that a homeowner needs to improve his house.

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Here is a brief list of services of Handyman Luton.

Types of Handyman Services in Luton

Appliance Repair

In this modern era, various types of smart appliances are used in every home. These appliances make your life much easier. These electrical appliances get damaged very often and need to be replaced. Instead of replacing these gadgets, people prefer to repair them. The repair cost of these appliances is lesser than the replacement cost. Repairing these small appliances like ceiling fans, thermostats, doorbells, and so on in Luton handyman is the best option.

Calling a professional electrician for repairing and replacing the ceiling fan and light fixture costs you more money. The handyman is also the expert in doing these small jobs. They did these projects more conveniently. Along with appliance repair and maintenance, they also give the services of maintaining the HVAC. An improperly functional HVAC system increases discomfort by making your home either too cold or too hot. They perform regular check-ups and maintenance of the system and make sure the system is properly functional.

Tile installation

Tile installation is the general service of every handyman. They not only lay the tile on the freshly made floor but remove the old tile and install the new one.  If your kitchen or washroom tile is broken in a few areas and you don’t want to replace it, then you can ask your Handyman to repair the specified area. For removing and installing new ceramic and porcelain tile, the cost may range from $15 to $60 per square foot. The professional handyman has the right skill and tools to fix the tile perfectly, so there will be no free space.

Furniture Assembling

I love to furnish my home after every 5 to 6 years because installing or assembling new furniture at my place is not difficult for me. I just call the handyman near me and quickly get the job done. If you want to furnish your new house but do not want to assemble the furniture by yourself, then this service is for you. The Handyman company provides the assembling service or installs beds, tables, shelves, and cupboards. They also hang pictures, and mirrors, mount LEDs on the wall and perform other home improvement tasks, so you do not need to worry about fixing and setting up the furniture at the right place.

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Interior and exterior painting

Painting the interior and exterior of your home is the most needed and commonly offered service of a handyman Luton. Painting the residential and commercial property makes the property more appealing. Handyman has the right tools like rollers and brushes to recolor the wall and remove the stains. Handyman specializes in painting walls, furniture, and doors which increases the cost of the property. Most homeowners want to repaint their houses to increase the worth of their property while selling.


Broken cabinet and door lock repair is the general service of handymen. If you want to add value to your home by installing crown molding, the Handyman service company provides you the best carpenter. They can also build wooden shelves or bookshelves and repair the damaged portions. They measure the spaces and construct the self accordingly, so you do not need to worry about the dimensions. They provide you complete ease in every type of carpentry job.

Drywall installation and repair

Drywall is the calcium sulfate dihydrate wallboard installed during a home remodeling. Handyman specializes in drywall installation and repair. Holes, crack, and popping nails are common issues of drywall that may occur due to continuous door swing and moisture. They have the tools and equipment to repair these damages. Sometimes the drywall becomes damaged due to termites. If this is the case, it is impossible to repair, so it is best to replace it. A handyman is also specialized in drywall installation.


If your bathroom faucet is leaking, you want to replace the shower, or your kitchen or bathroom drain is choked, then a handyman is at your service. Bathroom and kitchen tap leakage is the most common issue in every house that needs to be fixed quickly. If you wait for the plumbing contractor to send a plumber, the leakage causes water loss. Constant water dripping can damage the floor, and algae may grow over there. The quick solution for this minor plumbing problem is to take the help of a handyman.

Wrapping up

Handyman Luton performs different services like plumbing, furniture assembling, and painting. Apart from this, they also repair windows, perform power washing, and replace fixtures. Some are specialized in a few of them while others give these and many other services. In a nutshell, for all the home improvement and repair tasks, you can take the services of a Handyman.

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