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Repurposing salvaged shipping containers in building and remodeling homes have been growing in popularity due to their affordability and low environmental impact. Using sustainable materials for construction like these containers has been a trend for the past few years to reduce waste.

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Shipping containers provide flexible options for construction, especially in home improvement projects. It provides affordable alternatives for building additional living spaces in a property. There’s no compromise in quality, safety, and aesthetics since the structure is rigid enough for various purposes. That said, here are seven ways you can use shipping containers for your home improvement projects:

1. Separate Home Office

Having a separate home office on your property helps improve focus and productivity. For houses that lack a room for an office or study to convert, building one in your backyard is the next best alternative. In this case, you can remodel and utilize a shipping container. Shipping containers are best for building offices. Several industries use it for creating additional workspaces, especially for remote areas. If your home improvement project focuses on converting space for working at home, containers are an excellent choice. You can transform a shipping container into an office as a DIY project. And to ensure you get quality shipping containers, reach out to reliable suppliers and contractors like Royal Wolf to customize a container for your needs.

2. Auxiliary Kitchen

An auxiliary kitchen is a must-have for busy homes. It’s also ideal for those who love hosting gatherings at home. Using a shipping container is a cost-effective solution if you’re looking for ways to save on this home improvement project. Shipping containers are excellent for home extensions. You can easily convert it into an auxiliary or outdoor kitchen with minimal reinforcements. It’s highly durable and structurally sound. Plus, it’s more affordable than conventional materials like brick, mortar, and timber.

3. Living Room Extension

Adding a glazed extension or a sunroom is going back on trend. It’s another excellent home improvement project to update the aesthetics and upgrade the value of period properties. Instead of building it from scratch, you can convert a shipping container to extend your living space. Using shipping containers as a living room extension is an excellent choice. Although you may need some additional reinforcements for cutting out big windows and skylights, using it as a shell can help you finish the project faster. Moreover, shipping containers give a modern industrial aesthetic. Its sleek and sharp appearance makes your home look chic and brand-new. You can also paint it with a color that complements your exterior walls.

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4. Insulated Storage

Having ample storage is one of the biggest challenges at home. While some can let go of some personal items easily, it’s not an option for everyone. Renting a storage unit can also be expensive and add to your monthly expenses. Building additional insulated storage space in your property can be a life-changing home improvement project. You can create one using an old refrigerated shipping container with fully insulated walls and floors. It provides an efficient and practical solution for storing bulky and temperature-vulnerable items without the costs and headache of rental fees.

5. Garden Shed

Every property needs a garden shed for additional landscaping tools and equipment storage. While building one using timber is a classic choice, it requires a longer time to finish. You may use a shipping container to avoid hassles. A 10-foot or 20-foot shipping container is suitable for garden shed conversions. You can install windows for natural light or use them as is. It can also effortlessly blend in with the other elements in your yard, especially when painted with earthy and neutral tones.

6. Guest Cabin

Building a guest cabin in your backyard is perfect for creating private accommodation for friends or family visiting your home. Converting a shipping container into a cozy cottage is an excellent choice for adding more rooms for guests or having a separate space for relaxation and hobbies. Shipping container homes have been growing in popularity along with the tiny house movement. If living in a little space isn’t your style, you can utilize the idea of small living to create a cozy room in your backyard. You can also list your cottage for short-term rental to gain additional income and share your creativity with others.

7. Swimming Pool

Shipping containers provide unlimited possibilities for customization and usage. One innovative example is using it to create a swimming pool. Since in-ground pools are expensive, finding an economical option is best for maximizing your budget. A shipping container swimming pool can cost USD$10,000 less than a conventional in-ground pool. Its structure is already watertight and weatherproof and only needs a little reinforcement and an additional layer of waterproofing. Although the width and length are restricted, it’s large enough for home and family use.


Shipping containers offer efficient solutions for several home improvement projects. These boxes provide opportunities for creativity and innovation, lowering the overall construction budget. It can also help you finish your project faster, saving time and labor costs.


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