7 Tips for an Easier Trip to the Laundromat


Bringing your used clothes out of your house, or having them picked up by a laundry delivery service, is not actually something fun to do. But, following the tips we have makes the chore easier.

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Sort Laundry at Home

It is better to sort your laundry at home. You have more workspace, and it is not embarrassing to sort your dirty laundry at the laundromat. Moreover, doing it at home gives you more workspace.  If you book a laundry pickup and delivery service, use different laundry bags for whites and dark clothes. It helps the staff know that the laundry is already sorted.

Check Washer and Dryer Before Loading Clothes

Checking the machine before using it ensures nothing is left behind inside. Mostly stains, detergent or bleach residues, and items are left inside the washer or dryer. It is best to catch these things than suffer the consequences. If there are stains inside the washer, inform the staff and let them clean the washer. Also, be a good samaritan by cleaning up the washer and dryer after using them.

Remove Any Odors

It is common in laundromat washers to have grimes and mildew. Remove these odors to ensure it does not transfer to your laundry. Add a distilled white vinegar to your load to eliminate the residual odor from the previous washers.

Use Detergent Pods

Bringing laundry detergent bottles is heavy. Use detergent pods, they are much more effective, and you can easily put them inside your purse. There is no need to measure the detergent you will use as detergent pods are already measured. However, check the washer first in your laundromat if its detergent pods are compatible.

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Do Not Hog Laundromat Basket

Whether it is a laundromat basket or the machine, do not hog them. It is best to give way and let others use them while you are not using them. Let other customers use the laundromat basket, and when your laundry cycle is done, you can get other available baskets. The same with the laundromat washer or dryer; immediately remove your clothes after every cycle.

Empty Dryer’s Lint Trap

Some dryers have uncleaned lint. If the dryer you used does have an uncleaned lint trap, be the person who cleans out the lint or ask the staff to do so. Uncleaned lint traps will not fully dry out garments. Thus, save the additional cost and the waiting by cleaning the lint trap.

Shake Out Clothes

You have to shake out the clothes after it is out of the dryer. If you do not shake out your clothes and fold them, wrinkles will set on the way home.

Final Thoughts

Laundry is not a cool household chore to do, but the help of laundromats and their laundry services help easily clean their clothes despite heavy schedules. You have to remember these tips to avoid wasting time, ruining your clothes, and spending more on laundry day. Moreover, it is easier if you look for a reliable laundromat around your neighborhood.


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