7 Tips for a Stylish and Fun Family Room


A family room should appeal to everyone in the household, from the small toddler crawling around to the tired parent wanting to catch up on Netflix at the end of a long day. It should also be well decorated, showing off the family’s unique taste.

7 Tips for a Stylish and Fun Family Room

Not sure how to create that? Use these seven tips for a stylish and fun family room.

1. Install Classic Shutters

You don’t want a family room where everyone can see in. You also don’t want one that gets far too hot in the summer. Luckily, classic shutters provide an instant solution. They look great, keep the heat out, and allow ultimate privacy no matter where the window is situated. Not sure where to get your shutters from? Look at plantation shutters AZ for some of the most stylish shutters around.

2. Build a Reading Corner

Reading is an important part of development. It’s also a great pass-time for anyone of any age. To improve your family room, then, you should build a cute and comfortable reading corner. Make sure all the kid’s books are low down for easy access for little hands!

3. Upgrade Your Tech

Upgrading tech adds value to a room, especially a family room where you likely have a TV, speakers, consoles, lights, and more. A high-quality TV makes a world of difference to family night! If you like modern tech, you could even install smart technology and enjoy switching your appliances on and off with voice commands.

4. Add Splashes of Color

A splash of color will instantly lift your family room. Throwdown, a bright-colored rug, paint your walls bright yellow or orange for some warmth or invest in some comfortable and colorful furniture. It will make the place feel more fun!

7 Tips for a Stylish and Fun Family Room - stylish family room

5. Store Items Vertically

The chances are your family has a lot of stuff, especially in the family room. Make it less cluttered by storing items vertically. You will save space while making the place look more stylish.

6. Throw Down Some Bean Bags

No family room is complete without comfortable furniture. Why not accommodate for shorter legs by investing in some bean bags and throwing them around the place? Rather than your kids having to climb up on the sofa every time they want to sit down, they can simply sit on a comfy bean bag chair. They’ll love it, and you will enjoy more room to yourself on the sofa!

7. Decorate with Memories

The best way to decorate a family room is with family memories. Hang pictures of your family on the walls – an old picture of your grandparents will look great, as will photos from when your little ones were even littler! Don’t forget to decorate with the arts and crafts made by your kids, too. That adorable picture of a tiger your kid made when they were five? Give it the attention it deserves by framing it and hanging it over the mantelpiece. You want décor that makes everyone smile!


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