7 Questions to Ask an Electrician Before Hiring Them


Hiring a qualified electrician is crucial, whether carrying out minor electrical work around the home or need a professional to handle more complex jobs. Not only will this ensure that the work is carried out safely, but it can also save you money in the long run. You will also follow the set codes, standards, and safety procedures.


Before hiring an electrician, ask them the following questions:

Are you Licensed?

When hiring an electrician in Lansdale, PA, the most critical question is whether they are licensed. Electrical work is a highly technical job dangerous if not done correctly. Licenses show that an electrician has the necessary training and experience to do the job safely. They also take their work more seriously, offering higher quality customer service. Check that the licenses are up-to-date, meet the state’s requirements, and are genuine.

What Is Your Experience?

Hiring an electrician with years of experience is always a safer bet than going for someone new to the field. An experienced electrician will have seen and done it all before, meaning they’re less likely to make mistakes. They will also be able to troubleshoot problems more effectively and find creative solutions to challenging electrical issues. Experience also enables them to invest in high-quality tools and equipment to do the job more efficiently. Also, check what type of experience they have. Does the electrician specialize in residential or commercial work? Do they have experience working on projects like yours?

Are You Insured?

Accidents can happen when carrying out electrical work, no matter how experienced the electrician is. You could be liable for damages or injuries if they are not insured. Always ask for proof of insurance before hiring an electrician and check that it is up-to-date.

Do You Offer a Warranty?

Warranties are the best way to ensure that you will not have to pay for any mistakes made by an electrician. They should have no problem offering a warranty if they are confident in their work. It could be in the form of a guarantee on labor and materials used or a full refund if you’re not happy with the outcome. If they refuse to offer a warranty, look elsewhere. Have the agreement down on paper to refer to if there are any issues later on.

electrician repairing the fuse box

What Is The Cost?

When it comes to electrical work, cheaper is not always better. The most important thing is that the job is carried out safely and to a high standard. With that said, you should still get quotes from several electricians before hiring one. Doing this will give you a better idea of the going rate and avoid overcharging. Ask about any hidden costs upfront to avoid surprises later. Also, agree on a price before work starts to avoid disagreements.

What Are The Payment Terms?

You may be asked for a deposit for larger projects, with the rest paid upon completion. For smaller jobs, you may pay after the work is done. If you’re paying by check, make sure it’s not post-dated. Get a receipt for any payments made.

Do You Have Any References?

Checking references is a great way to get insights into what it’s like to work with an electrician. Ask for references from past clients and follow up with them. Find out if they were happy with the work. Was it completed on time and within budget, and would they recommend the electrician? Checking online reviews is also an excellent way to vet an electrician.

Vetting Leads to More Peace of Mind

Hiring a qualified and experienced electrician is the best way to ensure that your electrical project is carried out safely and to a high standard. You can weed out the bad apples and find the best electrician for the job by asking the right questions. It might take longer and cost more, but the peace of mind is worth it.


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