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Having a pantry in your kitchen is a great place to store not only ingredients but also food. However, in many cases, the size of the pantry is small as when they were first added to houses, they were not designed to be large spaces. This means that you will likely need more storage than is available in your pantry.

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Here are 7 awesome pantry ideas for maximising small storage spaces.

1. Add Additional Shelving 

One way that you can add additional storage is to put up more shelves. Depending on the size of your pantry, you may be able to add many additional shelves to give you extra space. To add a little extra special touch, why not add some decorative wall shelf brackets so that they become part of the overall theme and design of the pantry.

2. Add a Wine Rack

If you enjoy having wine with your meals, then you may want to consider adding a wine rack to your pantry. These can be created to custom specifications or you can buy one already made. Whichever one you choose, it will be a great addition and allow all the bottles to be stored correctly. There are many types of wine racks including those made from wood or metal, so you can have the one that suits your pantry design the best.

3. Add Spice Drawers

Creating drawers to hold all of your spices and other condiments keeps them all in the same place so you don’t need to hunt around for them. You can also add larger drawers for tins and jars as well if you have the room available. You can transform old drawers by adding separators to the drawers and adding labels for each item.

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4. Convert Another Cupboard into a Pantry

If you don’t have the space to add any additional storage to your existing pantry, then try to see if there is another cupboard that can be converted into an additional pantry. You can either use this as an additional pantry or use the larger of the two spaces as a pantry and convert the other into a multi-use cupboard.

5. Add a Pot Rack

If you are currently stacking your pots, then using a pot rack can free up valuable shelf space. It also allows you to access the pots quickly and easily. Put the pot rack in a place where it will be easy to access while cooking. This will avoid any rushing around at the time.

6. Add Racks to the Pantry Doors

The inside of the pantry doors can sometimes be overlooked. However, they are a great place to add additional racks to pot lids, spices, utensils or any other kitchen items.

7. Organise With Baskets

If you have a pantry that is filled with all types of foods in no particular order, then add baskets where you can sort out your food into types such as tins and jars, or by food type. This will help you find what you need quickly and easily. So, as you can see, with some time and DIY skills, you can transform your pantry to give you some additional space.


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