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Traditionally, most homeowners hang plenty of stockings near the Christmas tree where they can put the gifts for their children. In addition, they always go with the old yet classic red-and-green theme because it simply highlights this holiday season. To finish the look, they make a huge wreath and hang it on their door as a welcoming message to their visitors. While this method still works for most individuals, homeowners like you want something unique and new so you can create a ‘wow’ factor for your guests. However, you have no idea how to innovate your creativity when decorating your residential space.

father and son decorating Christmas tree

Fortunately, this article provides six non-traditional ways to decorate your home for Christmas.

1. Install A Project Lamp Outdoors

During evening Christmas parties, you need to illuminate your outdoors. However, you shouldn’t use your regular light bulbs because you might have to use these fixtures for hours. Your electric bills may increase, affecting your joy after the holiday season. This season, try a Christmas projector light which is an energy-efficient alternative for this season. With this modern device, you’ll deliver a brilliant light show every night, which creates a fantastic experience. Who knows, you might win the best-decorated home in your neighborhood.

2. Consider Other Color Schemes

Consider other colors if you’re tired of the classic red and green Christmas theme. However, you should be careful when matching the schemes because choosing the wrong mixture can affect the quality of your indoor décor. Instead of spending money on replacing paint and another expensive home décor, you must plan the colors perfectly. Some of the most beautiful color schemes include white and gold or blue and green. Alternatively, you may try mixing blue with green, red with black, and blush with copper.

3. Create Nooks For Children

During the holidays, you might invite your friends who already have children. As you catch up with your colleagues, these kids will get bored and throw tantrums. As a result, your festive space will be a place filled with crying and screaming babies, which might force parents to call it a day early. To avoid this incident, you must create a nook where your young guests can spend their time reading and playing. When designing this area, you must give it a Christmas vibe to match your home décor. For example, you may paint the walls with shades full of green, red, and white. Also, you must accessorize it with fairy lights to make it more magical and ensure to keep them out of the children’s reach.

Christmas tree in living room

4. Build A DIY Tree

A Christmas tree has a historical meaning that revolves around the symbolic birth of Jesus Christ. Almost everybody who believes in Him has probably decorated and installed one at home. However, most modern trees are expensive, so you need to adjust your budget for the season. Luckily, you have a cost-efficient option to build a tree by using recycled items or customized resources. When making a do-it-yourself (DIY) Christmas tree, you may choose supplies like an egg carton, gift wrapping paper, or wine corks. After that, you have to gather a paintbrush, poster paint, glue, adhesive tape, crayons, and a pair of scissors.

5. Look For Christmas-Themed Beddings

Decorating your residential space for Christmas shouldn’t just end with the living room. With that, you should make each bedroom look as festive as your other home areas so you can easily relax. As you sleep, your children might even dream of having a holiday dinner with Santa and his elves, which can be an adventurous experience. When looking for the perfect holiday bed, you must first create a list of Christmas-themed bedding to avoid wasting resources. Once you have it, you should visit online websites first to have multiple options. If you don’t have time to wait for time-consuming deliveries, you must consider visiting local retail stores.

6. Invest In Festive Throw Pillows

The living room is where homeowners usually entertain their guests. And since you’re preparing your home for Christmas, you shouldn’t just add a tree and lights to this area. You should also add fun to your furniture to create a comfy holiday home. As you shop for holiday bedding, you should also look for throw pillows that match your chosen scheme. When selecting them, you have to ensure that the items will fit your sofa so they won’t cover the whole space of the couch. Then, match the color palette with your wall paint and flooring style so they can have complimentary shades.

Key Takeaway 

As a homeowner, you may be tired of seeing the same old themes of the holidays, so you’re planning to modernize your space. Therefore, you must consider these six non-traditional ways to decorate your home for Christmas. Once you do so, your family and guests will enjoy your parties, creating memorable experiences.


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