5 Ways to Design the Ideal Bedroom for Sleep


Stress, coffee consumption, or screen time are the usual culprits for our tossing and turning during the night. While all of these factors are to blame, we are overlooking one essential thing, and that is the design of the bedroom. Having a cozy bed, nice linens, and comfortable lighting are among the things essential for a good night’s sleep.


The bedroom represents an oasis of peace, a place where you can sit quietly and enjoy your self-care rituals. This is why you need to create the bedroom of your dreams using a couple of tricks and purchasing quality products. Here are five ways to help you design the bedroom according to your needs.

Purchase a comfortable bed

It may seem obvious, but mattresses, pillows, and sheets are all important factors when it comes to the quality of your sleep. Not all beds are made in the same way. Begin by looking for a reputable mattresses store and purchasing the best mattress for your bed according to your needs. When you find the perfect mattress, additional items such as bed linens, blankets, and pillows will be easier to find. Always make sure these are breathable and soak up moisture so you don’t overheat. The same goes when purchasing pajamas.

Choose soothing color palettes

While we can always count on bright, bold colors to bring a more vivid atmosphere to the bedroom, it turns out that they don’t create a relaxing and restful mood. To create a soothing atmosphere in your bedroom, pick soft, neutral tones with a hint of warmth – beige, and soft white, pastel pink, peach, and terracotta are all great picks. Neutral colors are easy on the eye, that is why people usually choose these colors when painting the walls or choosing decorative items for the bedroom.

Block out light

Natural light and street sounds shouldn’t be a problem while you’re awake. However, when it’s time to rest, they could seriously disrupt your peace. So, what is the best remedy for this situation? Go on and splurge a substantial amount of money on quality windows and curtains. This way, you will block out both sounds and lights coming from outside.A quality window is not just mere glass; instead, it is made of high-grade hardware that promises longevity and durability. Bay, picture, or casement windows are some of the many types of windows you can find on the market. Whatever you decide to purchase, always make sure they reduce noise and let in only the necessary amount of light. Quality windows paired with silk, neutral-colored curtains are a match made in heaven for sleepy heads.

ideal bedroom

Choose simple decorations

Messy rooms with scattered stuff all over the place are never easy on the eyes. When creating the bedroom design, make sure you include fewer decorations than necessary. Having too many decorative pieces might seem chaotic and create a claustrophobic vibe within the room. Try to opt for some nice scented candles, one or two wall pictures with soothing tones, or put a couple of family photos on your nightstand. If you have too many things in your room and you have no idea where to place them, then make sure your nightstand has drawers where you can put the not-so-necessary items. Also, purchase a couple of trays and keep them under the bed. This way, you could store all the unnecessary knick-knacks under the bed and keep your bed stand clear, decorated only with the essentials.

Place some lazy bags

Lazy bags are soft and squishy types of chairs, filled with foam. They are very comfortable for sleeping and sitting. You can sit in them however you want; upright, cross-legged, or on your stomach. They exist in various colors, so you can pair them with the color theme of your bedroom. You can easily move them from one corner to the other, depending on where you want to sit at the moment. They come at a very affordable price because usually, students purchase them mostly due to their easy maintenance.

Final thoughts

After a tiring, long day, all you want to do is to go to your happy place, put on your cozy pajamas, and get some well-deserved sleep. In order to do that, you need to create the bedroom of your dreams. Investing in a quality mattress, paired with soft linens and adding noise-canceling windows, seems like a good way to start. Don’t hesitate to spend a nice amount of money with the aim of creating the perfect dream bedroom you have always wanted.


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