5 Stylish Small Apartment Living Room Ideas to Maximize Your Space


Did you know that clutter might lead to anxiety, higher cortisol levels, and affect your ability to focus? It can be tricky to decorate a tiny space, but it’s possible to do it. You just have to focus on essential items such as small apartment tables, multifunctional furniture, etc.

5 Stylish Small Apartment Living Room Ideas to Maximize Your Space

In the end, it’s best to prioritize your well-being than having unnecessary objects cluttering your home environment. So, if you’re looking for small apartment living room ideas, you’re in the right place. Continue to read to learn more.

1. Stick With The Same Color Scheme

When decorating a small apartment living room, try this trick to create the illusion of higher ceilings: paint woodwork, floors, fireplaces, and walls all the same color. It will help your decor achieve a seamless look. Plus, it will make it seem as if it is more spacious. Paint low ceilings with a lighter tone than the one used on the walls or pick a brilliant white to create a height illusion. Remember that you can add a pop of color with accessories and soft furnishings, so don’t worry if it looks ”boring” at first.

2. Add Space-Saving Furniture

Do you want to display items? Then use shelves. They can optimize your space and keep things off the floor. Keep in mind that it’s best to avoid too many objects on the shelves, especially if your goal is to make the room look larger. Instead, focus on decorating the interiors to match the rest of your color scheme (for instance, adding blue accents).

3. Use ”Illusion” to Make It Look Bigger

Leverage your home features. If your house has high ceilings, decorate it with high shelves and tall mirrors. Are you feeling ”extra”? Then add curtains mounted several inches above your windows to draw the eye up and make it look like your small apartment dining room or living room is bigger than it is. It’s all about ”thinking vertically”. Also, you can include in your decor a tiny centerpiece. You won’t even struggle to get one in the size you want. Just click here to find custom wood tables. In the end, these strategies will help your space look stylish and more spacious.

5 Stylish Small Apartment Living Room Ideas to Maximize Your Space - stylish living room

4. Try a Minimalistic Approach

If you want a clutter-free environment, then only add essential pieces. Indeed, you can create a light and airy vibe to your space with ”must-have” furniture and a few decor items. When you have large windows, nice hardwood floors, or a beautiful fireplace, you don’t need to add a lot of stuff. Sometimes, less is more.

5. Lighting Matters

It’s no secret that mirrors can make a room look more spacious. So, hang a large mirror near or opposite a window to reflect the outdoors. Mirrors reflect artificial and natural lights, making a living and dining room combo look brighter. It doesn’t matter whether it’s day or night. They’ll bounce light deep into the room, making your space appear larger.

Small Apartment Living Room Ideas

Now that you know these small apartment living room ideas, get ready to implement them. Ultimately, a well-designed room filled with objects that spark joy can relieve stress and have a calming effect on you. So pick ”must-have” furniture to boost your mood and well-being. Did you like our small apartment ideas? We have other home improvement articles too! Check out the rest of our website.


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