5 Do’s And Don’ts Of Dumpster Bin Rentals


Construction or renovation projects could have a considerable amount of rubble and materials that would need disposal. Having an unsightly pile of junk on the sidewalk is a hazard and could damage the surroundings. Get a dumpster bin delivered instead of driving up and down with multiple loads to the nearest dumpsite. These bins are sturdy enough to handle anything a construction project can throw at them, and a bonus is that the company supplying the rental will remove the filled container from the premises.

Dumpster rental bin

There is, however, some vital information to consider when renting a dumpster bin to ensure that the project utilizes the total value of the rental. To make things even easier, they are conveniently listed below:

Do’s Of Renting A Dumpster Bin

  1. Do Plan & Schedule

Although many suppliers of dumpster bins should be able to assist within a reasonable amount of time by delivering the container to the site, it would help if there is a solid plan. Ask dumpster bin rentals in Mississauga about delivery policies and availability before scheduling the delivery.

  1. Do Get The Correct Size

Dumpster bins come in different sizes according to the need of the project. There will be variable costs involved according to the size as well. After considering the extent of the rubble or items that need removing, find the right size that would suit the project.

  1. Do Book The Right Type

Some dumpster bin rentals in Mississauga are suitable for construction sites, whereas others are more suitable for residential areas. The type of bin needed will again depend on the kind of project and materials dumped into them.

  1. Do Follow The Terms And Conditions

The company supplying the dumpster will provide a list of terms and conditions for the correct use of the container. Not all suppliers will be able to remove hazardous materials, and they will have prohibited items that people can’t dump. To ensure the safety of everyone during the use of the bin, follow the guidelines from the supplier carefully.

  1. Do Get A Quote First

Costs will make out part of any project, and someone planning the project shouldn’t forget the expense of adding a dumpster bin to the process. There are so many suppliers of these containers, and each of them will have its price list for the various services they offer. Contact the suppliers in the area and ask about their prices before getting just any bin.

Man putting waste in dumpster rental bin

Don’ts Of Dumpster Bin Rentals

  1. Don’t Overfill It

Dumpster bins that overflow with materials and rubble could be dangerous to passersby or the driver and staff collecting the container. When a bin is too heavy, the supplier may not be able to remove it as it affects their vehicles negatively.

  1. Don’t Dump Harmful Materials

Remember that the material in the dumpster has to go to a dumpsite where people have to sort through it before disposing of it correctly. If there is anything like chemicals among the dumped items, it could harm those sorting the materials. Take great care not to leave flammable or poisonous items in the bin before it causes problems for the well-being of others.

  1. Don’t Use Unprofessional Suppliers

Choosing a supplier could take some time, especially with so many available in some areas. Dumping materials in an undesignated spot could carry a heavy fine or even jail time. For this reason, opt for a professional company. They should have the necessary experience to handle the delivery and collection of the bin and its contents. A professional supplier should also be aware that there are regulations and permits they need to supply dumpsters to some areas, and if these are not in place, the person renting the bin could receive a fine.

  1. Don’t Forget The Locals

Carefully consider the location of the bin before having one delivered. The surrounding businesses, houses, and people should be safe around it, and it shouldn’t be in their way. Another local to think of are businesses in the area that can supply the same service as a larger company that provides dumpster bins. Local companies could offer the same safety standards and competitive pricing for dumpsters.

  1. Don’t Try To Move The Bin

The sheer weight of some of these rental bins could be overwhelming even though they are on wheels. Instead, ask for assistance from the supplier and schedule a collection date and time for them to take the bin away or empty it.

Dumping It Together

Having a designated dumping space for unwanted materials could come in handy during any project; the key is to dispose of the items responsibly. Planning a project should include the delivery and collection of dumpster bins to remove all the site materials safely. Get all the information and pricing ready and budget for the correct bin for the project’s needs. After all, it would make the process during and after the tasks much easier to manage. Rental containers are perfect for big and small, just not for hazardous items. Work safely and get a dumpster bin for your next project.


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