5 Benefits Of Choosing Email Marketing For Real Estate Firms


A 2020 study conducted by the Realtors association revealed around 88% of buyers purchased their homes with the help of real estate agents. Like in every field, real estate firms have to get in front of buyers and showcase their services. Hence, real estate marketing has become crucial to reach prospective buyers and cut through the completion.

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If you have questions like how to market yourself as a realtor or build awareness about your real estate business, the answer is digital marketing. Leading real estate firms use powerful digital marketing tools like email marketing to reach prospective buyers. Here are five benefits of choosing email marketing for real estate firms.

Reach Larger Audience

Email marketing is one of the most prominent digital marketing platforms, with 4 billion users globally. As per recent statistics, the average email open rate is around 22.02% which is quite good compared to traditional mail. This type of marketing allows you to communicate with a large audience directly. You can create customized emails for your prospects and have them delivered directly to their inbox. As per a recent study, 92% of realtors use email communication to reach prospective buyers. However, the competition in the real estate industry is intense. Hence, you need to use the best email marketing tools to design and deploy your campaigns.

New Listings Notifications

Several real estate listings websites allow buyers to see properties in a particular area, town, or city. Most firms also list properties for sale on these websites. Prospective buyers visit these listings to know the properties available for sale. However, they may not view these listings regularly. Real estate firms can use email marketing to provide prospective buyers with new listings. For example, when the buyers see the new listing notification in the email, they might visit the website to see the listed property and contact you to express interest in buying it.

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Give Real Advice

Most first-time buyers have many doubts and questions regarding property sales but don’t know who to ask. Real estate firms can use email marketing to offer first-time buyers or sellers advice and tips. If you want to generate more leads, you should make efforts to educate customers, and you will be able to earn their trust and confidence. It will be a quicker business for you when you earn customer trust.

Target by Audience Segment

Though it is good to target a large audience, you need to have a strategy while targeting real estate customers. For example, a Washington State resident might not be interested in North or South Carolina real estate properties. Hence, target the audience by segment for optimal conversions. Email marketing allows you to send bulk emails and newsletters by audience segments and timed to specific zones. For example, different audience segments can be buying versus renting, location, budget, family size, and property features.


When you run a real estate marketing campaign, you would like to know the campaign’s performance. Email marketing tools offer an analytics dashboard that shows how well the campaign performed. For example, you will know how many emails bounced and how many email subscribers opened emails. Now that you know the top advantages of email marketing, use it to get your customer’s attention and the edge over your competitors. However, ensure that you find the best email marketing tools available.


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