5 amazing benefits of far-infrared therapy


Far-Infrared technology is getting recognition for generating mind-blowing outstanding results around the globe. The benefits of the technology move beyond basic wellness and relaxation to further improve the functions of problematic areas.

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The following articles bring into light the amazing potential benefits of FIR therapy.

How Does The Far-Infrared Therapy Work?

Far-infrared is high-energy waves that cannot be seen with the naked eye. On penetrating through the skin, these increase its temperature from 37 to about 42 degrees Celsius. The temperature range is favorable for the body’s performance. The therapy is not something unknown before. You might have heard of palm healing, an ancient Chinese tradition. The energy emitted by the palm acts as a natural healer. Chi gong masters and Yoga practitioners use it for the relief of eye strain.

Sunshine is another major source of far-infrared waves. These waves have the longest wavelengths which is the reason for their being invisible. Everyone knows that sunlight exposure is an essential element for sustaining life and body health particularly. It is due to these waves that you feel energized after a sunbath provided in moderate weather and temperature. The flip side is that the sun also emits ultraviolet waves that could cause sunburn and you cannot control the temperature. Besides, many regions on earth do not get sufficient sunlight most of the year. How can people living there benefit from these waves? Far-infra-red generated through well-designed heating units provides a good simulation of the one coming from sunlight. The additional plus point is these radiations are free from harmful ultraviolet impacts. These heating units are available online and on sites like healthylineoutlet.

How Far-Infrared Heat Technology Is Better?

Scientists investigated these waves to devise a heat technology that is safe and penetrates deep to target the area effectively. Traditional methods of heat therapy had their downsides for their hazardousness, uncontrollable heat, discomfort, and less efficacy. For example, saunas create very high temperatures. Thermal compressions are uncomfortable and may cause a skin rash. The invention of Far-Infrared Ray thermal technology successfully addressed these issues. The technology is safe, natural, effective, and hygienic. That’s why it is widely used by medical practitioners to improve certain health conditions. There are two common ways of applying FIR waves to the body. For the first method, an FIR unit composed of electrified ceramic plates is placed 20 cm above the patient for a steady supply of low energy waves to increase skin temperature. The second method includes FIR dry sauna therapy to create heat.

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Benefits of Far-Infrared Therapy

Improvement in Blood Circulation

Blood circulation is the basic key factor for determining health conditions. Far-Infrared aids the process by expanding capillaries and stimulating them to increase blood flow, circulation of wanted materials, and oxygen. In this way, the therapy promotes healthy lung functions, another key factor of wellness. With better circulation comes heart health. FIR takes care of cardiovascular health, heart rate, and blood pressure. The FIR stimulation of the cardiovascular system function effectively for astronauts during their long space. Warming up the tissues gently improves the cells’ condition in blood vessels. Ignoring the faulty cell lining in blood vessels could severely impact cardiovascular functioning.

Enhances Detoxification

Far-infrared waves work effectively for detoxification and lymphatic cleansing. Detoxification is one way of treating clogged vessels. Eliminating hidden toxins in capillaries could facilitate capillaries to expand and clear blockage. FIR is highly effective for eliminating fats, resins of heavy metals, chemicals, carcinogenic agents, lactic acid and subcutaneous fat, excess sodium, and uric acid. The presence of all the above substances in the body is a threat to several ailments. Their accumulation slows down blood circulation. When the blood flow is hindered; cells in the body do not get enough energy. When A FIR wave of 8 to 10 microns is applied to a body, it results in vibrating water molecules. The vibration of water molecules breaks the bond holding these together. The breakdown of water molecules results in the release of gases and toxins enclosed within them. Furthermore, activating sebaceous glands through FIR results in clearer skin due to the elimination of accumulated cosmetics in skin pores.

Immunity Booster

Far-Infrared therapy supports the Immune system. It increases the production of leukocytes, and white blood cells. The number of white cells in the body matters for maintaining the body’s defense mechanism. These cells confront the foreign bodies’ invasion of the body. Hyperthermia achieved through FIR therapy initiates the release of cytokines which make cancer cells recognized by the natural killer cells. Natural killer cells are essential for dealing with infected cells and for destroying cancer cells as well. Far-Infrared Thermal Therapy supports the destruction of malignant cells by exposing these to a temperature of 107.6 Fahrenheit or 42 Celsius degrees. In this way, the waves cast an anti-angiogenesis effect, causing the cancer cells to shrink and die eventually.

Pain Management

FIR de-stresses nervous tension by relaxing the auto-neuro muscles. The impact triggers the body’s natural healing tendencies. Pain and inflammation are mostly the results of muscle spasms and soreness on nerve endings. On getting heat through FIR, muscle fibers get heated. As a result, there is an instant reduction of swelling and inflammation in the related pain area. That’s why people suffering from muscle and joint pains benefit from the technique. The hyperthermia attained through FIR helps to relax the tensed muscles.

Wound Healing

FIR results in rapid wound healing. The waves stimulate a group of cells called fibroblasts. Their task is to make collagen, important for accelerating cell regeneration and wound healing naturally. Besides, it supports cellular activities including cell growth, protein, and DNA synthesis. The phenomenon works effectively for the common skin issues including burns, scars, and acne, and reverses the process of wrinkle formation due to increased collagen production.


Far-infrared therapy is a body-friendly innovative method for treating several body issues. It helps to restore the body’s disrupted mechanisms to delay the onset of potential diseases. The therapy works by maintaining steady high temperatures favorable for the body’s best performance.


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