4 DIY roof repairs mistakes to avoid


Almost every homeowner is today under more financial pressure than ever before. It seems that prices of everything are steadily trending higher, while salaries and wages seem to be stagnating. Household energy costs have skyrocketed, gasoline is getting more and more expensive, and even groceries are today becoming more and more of a burden. It is therefore understandable that most property owners are looking to save money by avoiding the use of contractors and choosing to take the DIY route when it comes to property repairs. Repairs to home roofs are no exception.

DIY laying shingles

However, roof damage has the potential to be catastrophic for the structure and the assets of the home. Inadequate roof repairs can make certain problems even worse – and in some cases also lead to severe injury to amateurs trying to perform those repairs. Here are four mistakes that homeowners often make when undertaking DIY residential roof repair.

1. Injuries

It is patently obvious that working on a structure that is some feet off the ground and often includes the use of tools that can cause severe injury has the potential to go very wrong, very quickly. Inadequate safety precautions only make the problem potentially much worse. Common sense can go a long way towards lessening the risk – but it can’t eliminate it. There is very little substitute for experience and the right tools to get the job done. Too many homeowners engaged in DIY roof repairs ignore the potentially lethal effect of bad weather when performing roof repairs. Rain, high winds, frost, and snow all make DIY roof repair incredibly dangerous. Homeowners need to ask themselves if the risks are worth it.

2. Choosing the Wrong Shingles

It may seem to the layman that each shingle of a certain color is very much like another. That simply is not true. It is essential to purchasing matching shingles from the supplier that originally supplied the shingles. Failure to do so is not a life or death situation but the chance of ending up with rood shingles that do not match is high. That reduces the curb appeal of the home – and negatively effects the value of what is probably the largest investment that you will ever make, your home. If in doubt, call in a professional. They have the years of experience – and the industry supplier contacts to ensure that you end up with matching shingles.

Nailing shingles on roof

3. Saving Money on Flashing

The primary reason that homeowners undertake roofing repairs as a DIY project is to save money. For this reason, there is always a temptation to re-use the old flashing when doing repairs according to Piva Roofing, a company that specializes in roof repair in San Diego. Old flashing can have problems that are not immediately visible to the naked eye. Flashing protects the home from water damage. Old flashing may not offer the same protection as new flashing. It’s a mistake many homeowners make – and it can have expensive long-term implications.

4. Opting for Low-Quality Materials

Once again one comes to the matter of saving money. When purchasing the various materials required to perform roof repairs there is always the temptation to save some money by buying lower-quality materials. The truth of the matter is when it comes to roofing you are getting what you pay for. Of course, keep an eye out for specials – but if you start buying low-quality materials your home will be susceptible to water damage – and chances are you’re going to need to perform new repairs in the short to medium term. Your best bet is to call in a professional. They have the experience and their work is guaranteed. Saving money in the short term almost always leads to long-term issues. When it comes to your roof, make the right decision.


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