4 Amazing Tips for Maintaining Solar Lights You Need to Keep in Mind


Many people have embraced solar energy to avoid using electricity. Even though solar lights are efficient, a lack of maintenance may lead to performance degradation after a few uses. You also spend more on repairs, thus saving money by using solar. Your solar light needs good care and maintenance to serve you better by lighting bright. Besides, you can follow instructions to maintain the lights and make them visible. It is best to buy your solar system from reliable shops to avoid damage and repair.

4 Amazing Tips for Maintaining Solar Lights You Need to Keep in Mind

Read on to find out tips for maintaining your solar lights:

1. It Helps to Maintain the Light Cover

Light covers help in protecting your solar light. If they are damaged, your light becomes exposed, and they can easily break. Besides, if the light is bare for a long time, they risk losing the amount of illumination at night, thus giving you poor quality light. After some time, you need to wipe the light cover using a soft cloth plus soapy water to remove dust. Remember to return the bodies properly after cleaning to prevent light blocking.

2. Make a Point of Cleaning the Panel

The solar panel is a crucial part of the light as it helps absorb sunlight for charging. You fix it outside, so it tends to accumulate dust which may obstruct it. When the dust collects on the surface, it can prevent proper absorption of sunlight, hence producing poor-quality light. It will help if you clean the panels in the morning or late afternoon when the sun is not hot. Since the panel absorbs energy, it may be difficult to clean when the weather is hot. You can check the solar cells on all your lights by fixing solar lights with nail polish. This will rejuvenate them and bring them back to maximum efficiency. Remember, cleaning the panel does not require detergent as it can be harsh on the surface.

4 Amazing Tips for Maintaining Solar Lights You Need to Keep in Mind - solar lights

3. Proper Installation is Key

When buying the solar system, request a technician to install it for you as poor installation may prevent it from maximum performance. The light needs charging under direct sunlight for 48 hours before using it for the first time. Similarly, you mount the panel in a precise place free from trees and pols, which may block direct sunlight. Also, remember that the recommended height for installation is 2 to 3 meters, and if there is more than one panel, you need a distance of 2m between one pane and the next.

4. Keep Checking on the Wires and the Batteries

The battery is like the engine of the solar system. Ensure you check the wires and the battery because faulty wiring would prevent the battery from converting sunlight to DC energy and storing the energy. While checking, look for signs of corrosion on the battery cover, as this may cause you to have dim lights. If your battery has rusted, make sure you exchange it with new ones to get high-quality light. Also, do not forget to check the wires, especially those hanging outside as animals or intruders may interfere with them.

During your cleaning routine, check the solar panel and the fixtures. If you see a cloudy solar panel on top of your light, you can mend it by fixing the solar light with nail polish to make sure it starts working great again.


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