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Bathrooms require privacy, and many homeowners use blinds to provide this privacy when the room has one or more windows. However, the right choice of blinds must be made.

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What factors should the homeowner consider when making this selection?

The Location of the Bathroom

Where is the bathroom located in the home, and how will this affect the choice of bathroom window shades? For instance, a bathroom that receives lots of sun during the day needs blinds that will block UV radiation. This will help to protect the furnishings in the bathroom from fading due to sun exposure. Many people choose roller blinds in this situation. However, when the bathroom overlooks a busy street or allows others can see into the room, the homeowner should choose blackout blinds. Avoid any blinds with see-thru slats, as they won’t provide the desired level of privacy.

When choosing these blinds, consider the material. Many homeowners opt for PVC blinds in the bathroom because they offer the desired level of privacy and can withstand the environmental conditions in the room. Certain blinds allow the owner to control the amount of light that enters the room. Choose ones that allow the blinds to be partially opened without sacrificing privacy. Many people today opt for motorized blinds so they can easily adjust the amount of light entering the room.

Humidity Levels

Another factor to consider when choosing blinds for the bathroom is the humidity levels in this room. This room must remain well-ventilated to prevent mold growth. However, high humidity in the room can lead to problems with the blinds as well. For instance, wood blinds are not suitable for bathrooms with high humidity levels. The moisture may compromise the wood’s integrity. Manufacturers often claim they treat the wood to prevent problems, but it is best to avoid this material completely when possible.

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Fabric blinds are prone to mold and may become discolored as a result of the high moisture. Metal blinds rust when exposed to wet conditions and will lose their luster. Nevertheless, if the bathroom is well-ventilated and the blinds won’t be directly exposed to water, the owner finds they have more choices. There is one material to avoid. Flock fabrics hold moisture and are highly susceptible to mold growth. Never use these materials in a bathroom to avoid this problem.

Functionality and Visual Appeal

Blinds for the bathroom need to be functional and visually appealing. The blinds should be easy to use and clean. Bathrooms receive a lot of use, which means the blinds get dirty regularly. Choose easy-to-clean versions to save time on keeping this room clean. Roman shades are great for the bathroom as they are attractive and resist humidity. Roller blinds also withstand humidity well and come in a range of colors and styles, making it easy to match the blinds to the rest of the bathroom.

Many homeowners overlook vertical blinds for the bathroom, and they shouldn’t. The user can draw them to one side to allow light in and close them to have full privacy. However, many people choose to go with Venetian blinds so they have more control over the light that enters the room. Many people make their choice of blinds based on aesthetic appeal alone. They then find themselves disappointed with the choice. Don’t make this mistake. Take all three factors into account when purchasing blinds to make the right selection the first time.


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