10 Ways to Boost Rental Property Curb Appeal on a Budget


Are you a landlord looking for ways to increase rental income and your property’s appeal? We’ve got some of the best economically-friendly solutions for you. Boosting curb appeal is key to attracting quality tenants, according to experts from Professional Property Management of Northern Virginia.

10 Ways to Boost Rental Property Curb Appeal on a Budget

This article explores 10 ways to boost rental property curb appeal on a budget. We’ll also highlight why it’s so essential and where you can find inspiration.

Why Curb Appeal is Important

●    It boosts your home’s ROI

The foremost reason landlords spend money on curb appeal is to boost their ROI. When the exterior of your house looks aesthetically pleasing, tenants are often willing to pay more. Expert real estate agents even recommend cleaning up before a home viewing to make your home look more attractive. When prospective renters come around, it’s easier to visualize themselves living in a tidy home.

●    It can be economically friendly

Save some money with tactfully chosen upgrades to your house. Curb appeal doesn’t only have to look good; it can be a sustainable choice too. For example, cleaning your gutters prevents debris from blocking your drain. Clear drainage prevents water from collecting and causing major property damage. Thus, the right upgrade can preserve your investment by saving you future funds in repairs and replacement.

●    It Improves safety

Additionally, you can improve your tenants’ safety with the right curb appeal. A clean frontage reduces the chances of falls, and an illuminated exterior dissuades burglars. As a result, enhanced security can save you from a lawsuit due to slips or property damage and theft by vandals.

10 Ways to Boost Curb Appeal

1. Plant Flowers

If you’re looking for spring landscaping tips for the season, you should plant more flowers to boost your curb appeal. After all, it is the period of bloom, so it would be a shame not to capitalize on that. You could invest in a flower bed or window planter boxes that are inexpensive to obtain. The average fixture costs around $70, depending on your selection.

2. Tend the Lawn

A healthy-looking lawn can do wonders for your home’s appearance. You should mow the grass to keep it even and add some mulch to maintain the greenery and keep it healthy. On average, proper lawn care costs less than $150.

3. Update the House Number

Make your house easier to locate with stylish and bold house numbers. Decorative house numbers are an attractive addition to any home and won’t cost you a fortune. Gold plate digits cost around $5, and you can order customized styles online.

Vintage house number plate

4. Rainscaping

Since we’re in spring, there’s going to be some rain. Beyond clearing your gutters, you can invest in some rainscaping. This newer landscaping trend involves redirecting water runoff more efficiently and aesthetically. For example, french drains direct water through the gravel and rock-covered trenches to your flower beds or lawn. Considering they have two major benefits, spending $200-$300 on initial installation seems like a bargain.

5. Upgrade the Garage Door

Spruce up your garage door with a fresh coat of paint and some modern hangings. Many homeowners often neglect this part of the house, which is something your tenants will probably use every day. With $200, you can buy some modern hardware.

6. Paint the Front Door

Give your entryway a pop by repainting your front door. A fresh coat can brighten up the house, making it more appealing to prospective guests and tenants. You’ll need less than a gallon to complete the job, which costs around $40. Hence, it’s a lot more cost-effective than outrightly replacing the door.

7. Invest in a New Mailbox

Another minimalistic way to elevate your curb appeal is to upgrade your mailbox. Many landlords overlook this component, but it’s an easy and cost-effective way to add some charm. You can refresh the paint or replace it with a vintage steel option. Either way, you’re spending between $50 – $250 only.

8. Pressure Wash Exterior Surfaces

Give your property a good cleaning by renting a pressure washer for a day or two. For less than $100, you can make your house, roof, driveway, and deck look brand new. You’ll be surprised how much beauty is hidden underneath the buildup of dirt and grime.

9. Include an Outdoor Entertainment Area

If your porch is bare, you could be missing out on some serious cash. Spice up your patio by including an entertainment area with a few chairs and a table. There’s no reason for you to spend more than $500 either. You could rummage garage sales, buy thrifts, or go with the inexpensive options on Amazon. As long as you purchase something neat and appealing, your tenants will love it. It allows them to entertain themselves outside and take a break from the indoors.

10. Accessorize with Lightning

Illuminating your home makes it both aesthetically pleasing and safer. Outdoor lights on your porch or driveway can instantly lift the appearance of your home in the dark. You can find LED bulbs for as low as $30. If you’d prefer smart lights that come on automatically, they would still cost you less than $100 each.

What Provides the Best ROI?

Landscaping is hands down one of the best ways to boost ROI. Experts say you can earn as much as 200% or more on your money. Hence, if you’re on a tight budget and can only afford one of two changes, we recommend tidying up your lawn and buying some flowers.

Where to Find Inspiration

If you’re looking for inspiration, one of the first places you should look is your neighborhood. Feel free to tap from what other houses have installed. Besides, the synchrony can make your home more appealing. Also, you can check popular sites like Pinterest, better homes and gardens, country living, and more.


We hope these 10 ways to boost rental property curb appeal on a budget inspired you. Money spent on improving your home’s exterior will always be a worthwhile investment. After all, it improves your safety, saves you money, and significantly boosts your ROI. Although, some upgrades are better at it than others.


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