10 Reasons Why You Should Call A Licensed Electrician


It’s always best to leave electrical work to the professionals, but most people only call them when something goes wrong. But there are many reasons why you should call an electrician even if everything appears to be working properly; after all, you don’t want an electrical problem popping up without warning and costing you more than it should later on down the road.

10 Reasons Why You Should Call A Licensed Electrician

These ten reasons will help you see how important it is to get your home or business checked out by a licensed electrician on a regular basis, even if everything appears to be working perfectly at the moment.

Time Management

Did you know licensed electricians must complete 8,000 hours of on-the-job training before they’re allowed to work independently? Did you know that with all of these required years of experience and training, an emergency electrician will still spend an average of three years in formal education? There are many reasons why you should call a licensed electrician, but that’s just one!. We’ll be happy to help.

Safety & Insurance

The laws vary from place to place, but in most cases, if you do not have a license and get injured on your own property while working as an unlicensed electrician, you will not be covered. Your homeowner’s insurance may also void your policy if you do not have a license and get injured. It’s really worth it to call in a professional to avoid these potential consequences. It isn’t just your safety at risk!

Electrical Knowledge

In addition to being certified, most licensed electricians have years of on-the-job experience under their belts. This makes them experts in home wiring and repair. An amateur electrician might be able to help you replace a light switch or a fixture, but any significant electrical issue will likely require a call to an expert. With years of knowledge at their disposal, electricians can diagnose problems quickly and assess solutions with optimal efficiency—which means you get back up and running faster than if you took matters into your own hands.

Communication Skills

Being able to communicate well is one of the most important skills a licensed electrician must have. This not only means communication with other people, but also knowing how to communicate clearly through documentation and formal reports. Your clients will expect you to be able to answer their questions and explain your solutions clearly.

10 Reasons Why You Should Call A Licensed Electrician - female electrician

Cost Efficient

If you’re looking to minimize costs, a licensed electrician is definitely your best bet. Not only do their rates vary depending on their experience and location, but they also possess several resources available to them that a DIYer wouldn’t have access to. This means they can complete jobs faster and with fewer mistakes, which reduces cost-related stress and increases overall efficiency.


If you call a local electrician and they don’t pick up, are they in a car accident? If so, they might not be as responsive to calls or emails in your time of need. When searching for an electrician, make sure to check their website for contact information and read reviews. Also do a search for local businesses with high ratings on review sites like Yelp and Angie’s List.

Organization & Prioritization

When you call an electrician, they’ll bring order to your electrical system. There’s a reason why electricians are licensed: They know their stuff. Before signing up with any electrician, check whether or not they’re licensed by your state and find out what their licensing means.


When you call an electrician, they are required to keep your information confidential. If there is a leak in your home or if you have some sort of issue that requires a visit from a licensed professional, they are legally bound to keep that information private. This ensures that your personal information stays protected and doesn’t get into unsafe hands. Before hiring someone to work on electrical systems in your home, make sure they are licensed. Otherwise, they could be putting you and your family at risk.

Permits & Approvals

The electrician should be able to tell you if you need any permits or approvals to get your electrical project started. If so, they’ll make sure they have all of those approvals before starting work and ensure that everything is done in accordance with those permits. Otherwise, you could end up having to pull work down and start again from scratch—which will end up costing you more money than necessary.


It’s true that there are many home improvements that you can do on your own, but for anything related to electricity, you really need to call a licensed electrician. Electrical fires cause hundreds of deaths and injuries each year, and improperly wired circuits are to blame. That’s why it’s so important to let a professional handle any electrical work in your home.


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