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Anything that can positively influence your studies should never be taken with levity, and an effective study space is certainly one of the many things. Students require a study space that helps their reading efficiently. Careful planning and arrangement can help you create a functional study environment that makes your academic tasks easier to tackle.

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Here are ten DIY ideas for an effective study space:

  1. Custom shelves
  2. Use of built-in desks
  3. Use of DIY frames
  4. Clean environment
  5. Custom flair
  6. Study under bright lighting
  7. Chalkboard tags
  8. Use of Artworks
  9. Classy and bright wall designs
  10. Book stands

Custom shelves

Custom shelves are pieces of furniture that give room for the arrangement of your schooling materials in an orderly & well-kept manner. This custom mode of storage ensures that all your books & gadgets have their own reserved space for storage.

Use of built-in desks

A built-in desk is a piece of innovative modern-age furniture that saves space and also gets the job done. A built-in desk does the work of a standing desk and also gives extra room for the hanging of audio gadgets (like headphones) and books.

Use of DIY frames

DIY frames give inspiration & commitment to students which also happens to be key parts of their academic success. Put up inspirational quotes, captivating paintings, and mosaics in your study space to keep you focused on studying to become a better version of yourself.

Clean environment

Maintaining a clean environment can go a long way to boost the effectiveness of your study space. Make your study environment clean and comfortable but not too comfortable as it might hinder the major purpose of your study space. Tidy up your space after each study session to avoid studying in a disorganized environment. Keep everything off your desk after studying except for the things you make use of daily.

Custom flair

Customizing your study tools (eg pens and pencils) brings a different level of elegance to your study space. They beautify your desk so much that you might find yourself at your home desk studying without any prior planning.

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Study under bright lighting

Natural light is very healthy for students as it brings joy and warmth to your study space. Studying under fluorescents for long hours can cause eye strain or even headaches. It is advisable to support room lights with natural light while studying to make the most of your study space.

Chalkboard tags

Your study space should enhance your motivation to study in every way. The use of custom chalkboard tags is another way to make your study space more efficient and effective. Chalkboard tags help you label and organize the study resources within reach. It is a simpler way to group important information.

Use of Artworks

Artworks also help improve students’ attitudes toward their studies. Most students hate studying because they find it unattractive and uninteresting. The usage of eye-catching artworks in your study space brightens your academic environment and you will find it way easier to study constantly. You can also place your past awards alongside the artworks to boost your self-confidence and you will certainly want to do more to receive awards in the nearest future.

Classy and bright wall designs

Your personal study space should have classy designs on its walls to brighten your mood when you plan on studying. Studying can be very difficult to do, so it’s advisable to study in places appealing to the human eye. These features enhance the attractiveness and accessibility of your private study space.

Book stands

Book stands help in the comfortable placement of your study materials. A well-functioning book stand reduces the stress of stretching to read and the risk of recurrent back & body pain. However, with all these ideas to enhance your study space, it might still be difficult to complete your academic tasks in time which is either due to the overwhelming rate at which institutions give out tasks or the lack of resources to complete your academic assignments. It is advisable to order your academic papers from the best online essay writing service as it saves you the stress of over-working yourself. Their team of qualified and experienced, professional writers executes your academic assignments to produce brilliant results. They also offer unlimited revisions in case the work submitted does not meet your standards which isn’t possible because of the strict protocol used when writing and proofreading.


When building or refurbishing your study space, you are definitely going to encounter some difficulties. But these ten DIY ideas can give your study space a whole new, exciting look. Make sure you utilize these ideas when setting up your study space. These tips can make studying in your study space fun and easier than it was earlier. Your new study space should be well maintained & tidied to keep your studies going smoothly.


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